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in France is TOUR DE FRANCE!trust me

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Q: Which the world best known cycling race?
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Where is worlds best known cycling race?

The world's best known cycling race is probably Le Tour de France, which is held in France, which is a country in Europe.

What is the world's best known cycling race?

Tour de France

Where is the worlds best known cycling race?

In Europe, mostly in France.

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What is the world's best known race?

Tour de France

What part of france is the worlds best cycling race?

Tour de France

Which cycling tour is world's biggest single day cycling race?

If you discount the Olympics and the World Cycling Championships, arguably the "biggest" is the 165 mile French race -Paris Roubaix- which occurs in April. It is raced on narrow roads and over centuries-old cobbles in often times terrible spring weather conditions (rain, wind). The winner must be lucky and a strong, determined survivor who can avoid crashes and be willing to race under the most difficult of conditions against the world's best.

What is France's races?

The most famous cycling race in the world is the Tour De France.

What is the most famous bike race in France called?

The tour de France cycling race, held every July, is a world-famous cycling event.

Who was the winner of the road race world championship for men in cycling?

MARK CAVENDISH (Great Britain)

What does Mark Cavendish race in?


How do you win a cycling race?