What is Eric Gelinas's number on the New Jersey Devils?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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Eric Gelinas is number 22 on the New Jersey Devils.

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Q: What is Eric Gelinas's number on the New Jersey Devils?
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What NHL team does Eric Gelinas play for?

Eric Gelinas plays for the New Jersey Devils.

What position does Eric Gelinas play?

Eric Gelinas plays defense for the New Jersey Devils.

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Which EPL club did Eric Djemba-Djemba join after he left the Red Devils?

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Besides Jamie Langenbrunner were there any of NJ Devils with the jersey 15?

Four other players have worn #15 for the Devils: * Brent Ashton - 1982-83; wore #15 during 1981-82 season when organization was the Colorado Rockies * John MacLean - 1983-91 & 1992-98 * Eric Bertrand - 1999-00 * Steve Kelly - 1999-01

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