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87,000 people much more than West Ham

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Q: What is Crystal Palace's record attendance?
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Why do meetings record time and attendance?

Meetings record time and attendance so that there is an accurate record of who was there and for how long.

Can a school get the attendance record from another school?

No, because then it is going to be another school's attendance record.

What is a good attendance record?

A good attendance is definitely a good thing. Essentially, a good attendance record simply means that when stated someone would attend, they did.

What is a sentence using the word attendance?

I didn't get the award for the year because of my attendance record.

What is the record attendance for a single world cup soccer match?

1 is the record and that was me !!

What is the record attendance for a series in the World Series?

On October 4, 1959 Los Angeles Dodgers set World Series attendance record at 92,394.

Record attendance at the world cup?

yes i know

What MLB has the record for most attendance?

Colorado Rockies

What is the record attendance for a sugarland concerts?

The record attendance for a specifically Sugarland concert is 23,900. This was during their 2009 leg of the Incredible Machine Tour. They've also played festivals with attendance of at least 30,000 people.

What is the Record attendance at football match?

what team haas had the biggest attendance in English football Millwall hold the record for tickets sold by one team at wembley 50000 plus . because people care about millwalls record the question was what is the record attendance at football match? Not how many tickets can the pikies flog. And i suggest you Google it = )

What is Fulham FC's highest attendance?

The current maximum attendance at Craven Cottage is 22,200. The record attendance was 49,335 for a match against Millwall in October 1938.

What is record attendance at the Big Sombrero?

74,301 in the mid 80s

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