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The Softball team

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Q: What is Cane Bay high schools best sport?
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The first sport in height schools?

the first sport in high school is Football

Are you forced to do a sport in high school?

No, schools will never force you to play any sport.

What are the top ten sport high schools in new york?

New york Central High college of sport and physical studies is top

Should High Schools require sport participation?

=sport is for awsome people and awsome people only=

How many high schools play lacrosse?

There are 46 states that offer lacrosse as a sport in high school. Pennsylvania alone has 90 high schools that play lacrosse.

Why don't high schools have skateboarding as a school sport?

insurance resons mainly

Why do high schools have hockey teams?

For the students to play a sport that they are good at or enjoy

Is Nonsuch High School the best school?

Views of schools differ, but yes, Nonsuch High School is one of the best schools.

Do high schools use archery for a sport?

No. Its Injury rate is too high and its technically having a weapon on the premises.

What are the best schools for gifted children?

The best schools for gifted children are the schools which challenge the child and provide a high level of stimulation for the brain.

Are there any high schools that offer a golf school component in CA?

Actually, most high schools in California do offer golf as a sport and do have competitive teams. Brea Olinda High School is one such school in Southern California that does have a golf team where students can practice the sport as well as compete in regional competitions.

Can you be in athletics in high school if you were not in junior high or will you not know what to do in high school athletics?

yes you can! high schools offer many many different sport opportunities for you that ANYBODY should take, regardless of any previous sport experiences. try any summer sport programs that the school may offer.

How do you increase participation in sport?

That depends whether you are talking about professional sports, high school sports, college sports, or recreational sports for younger kids. If it is for professional sports, the best way would be to advertise on TV. For high schools, place posters and banners all around the school stating tryout times and other important information. For college sports, do the same as in high school or send messages about the sport to local high schools. For recreational sports for younger kids, post tryouts or how to participate in the sport around the neighborhood like at local parks.

What are the best high schools of Southern California?

Webb Schools - Claremont, CA 91711

Sport specialized high schools?

in Sydney,Australia there is Endeavor Sports High School. i am not quite sure how to spell Endeavor though. :S

What are the best schools in Missouri?

The best schools in Missouri are located in Clayton, MO. These are the best elementary schools: Glenridge, Merimac, and Captain Elementary School. The best middle school is Wydown Middle School. And the best high school is Clayton High School. This is a personal opinion answer not neccessarily a factual answer.

What are the best high schools in Arizona?

St. Johns Arizona High School

Best 100 high schools in west Africa?

west Africa senior high school

Why should Wrestling be the best sport?

Yes because they have it in high school and jr. high

What are the best high schools in New York?

Definitly Xavier High School in Manhattan

What are the most best schools of high school?


Which is the best high school in New York?

For private schools (and overall, in this case): Xavier High School in Manhattan. As for Specialized public high schools: Stuyvesant

What are the best high schools to attend that are inthe Bronx area?

There is a plethora of high schools available to attend within the Bronx, New York. There are two specialized high schools, which require entrance examinations for entrance. These high schools are the Bronx High School of Science and the High School for American Studies at Lehman College. Probably the best non-specialized high school is within a few blocks of the two others, at DeWitt Clinton High School and it's MACY Honors & Gifted Program.

When was Cane Bay High School created?

Cane Bay High School was created in 2008-08.

What are some of the best highschools in the US?

the Grantsburg high schools are the best in the united states