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insurance resons mainly

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Q: Why don't high schools have skateboarding as a school sport?
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Is skateboarding a gay sport?

well no because Skateboarding is the most manliest sport like how people get hurt and how they do jumps plus i skate as well if you dont believe me watch scarred

How many skateboarding tricks are there in the world?

there are tons! some were invented by people that we dont even know. skateboarding is such a diverse sport where as long as it looks cool almost anything is a trick

How do you watch skateboarding videos at school?

dont tell the teacher or do it on ur phone

Should there be more sport in schools or less?

more because some people dont like the sports at school, so there should be more options!

Do Catholic schools have school on Veterans Day?

No they do not, the catholic schools dont have school on veterans day.

Is skateboarding a crime?

no, it is not a crime. i dont know anybody areested for skateboarding

Do anglosaxon children go to school?

no they dont because schools did not exist

When do you get your school laptops?

u dont get them in some schools but it depends what school u go to

What is the fee of Turkish education?

You dont need to pay for public schools but for private schools you have to pay and ask the school you want to study (prices changes a lot from school to school).

Do schools have tryouts for all of the sports?

no schools do not have tryouts for there sports, my school in pawtucket Rhode Island does not have tryouts and other schools probably dont

What does alternative school mean?

alternative means to have different choices in school for example some schools like mine have french and spanish and other schools dont

What does government do for your school?

i dont think they do good to pretect kids these days in schools

Do all high schools have cameras throughout the school?

i dont think so

Does brentwood schools have to wear uniforms?

nope i go there n high school n middle school dont!

Is school in the US boring?

yes, schools in the us are very boring... students dont really go to school but when they need to get their grades up they will go. but besides that then they dont go.

What schools do you to go to become a firefighter?

You dont have to go to a certain school. All you need is a high school diploma or a GED.

Do you think that dance should be an olympic sport?

I think Breakdance should be an OLYMPIC SPORT..... SERIOUSLY it is very hard to do and not everyone has the TALENT to do it.....and they should make it as a sport in all the schools in the Entired world.... because it might be ppl who never thought they can do it but if they just give it a shoot at it, they should decide if they are able to do it..... and if ppl dont wanna agree then all the ppl should VOTE if it would be good for the schools to have BREAKDANCE as a SPORT in all the schools

What is a list of the laws against skateboarding?

where a helmet and dont get caught

When did tony hawk retire from skateboarding?

i dont give a dam

Are Converse skateboarding shoes?

no they are actually shoes that were worn a long time ago and skateboarding shoes are big with laces that dont get tied up

What languages are used in Canadian schools?

Alot of Canadian school offer french as a langue to take but you dont have to if you dont want to it is very rare to find a school that does more than french Hope it helped

Which schools have Swine Flu?

they will cancel your school if there is cases of it but you dont have to worry about that anymore but if u still are dont get to close to people and dont touch them and wash your hands a lot :)

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He went to Columbia High School but i dont know what middle school In Atlanta

How do poorer people get into sport?

Well I dont have a perfect answer for you but just work really hard at the sport or sports you like and try to make your high school team.

Why choose public school?

In Public Schools you dont have to wear ugly uniforms. It all depends on what you prefer but I prefer public schools.