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Brett Favre was born on October 10, 1969.

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Q: What is Brett Favre's birthday?
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When is Brett favres birthday?

October 10, 1969. BRETT FAVRE IS AWESOME!!

What is brett favres birthday?

Brett Favre was born on October 10, 1969.

What is Brett Favres number?


Who is Brett Favres mistress?

Jen sterger

What is Brett Favres dads name?


Who is Brett Favres parents?

1000 man

What is Brett favres sense to pressure idealaverageoblivous paranoid or trigger happy?

Brett Favres makes sense to pressure ideals that is oblivious paranoid.

When did Brett Favres dad die?

Brett Favres dad, Irvin Favre died of a heart attack 12/21/03, he WA 58.

What is Brett Favres favorite movie?

the last song

What was Brett Favres number when he played for the falcons?


What is Brett Favres win lose record?


What is Brett Favres' age?

41 oct.10 1969

What was Brett Favres first game as a packer?

a bad game

What is Brett Favres birth date?

gulfport mississippi, 1969

Is bonita favre Brett Favre's mom?

Yes Bonita Favre is in fact Brett Favres mom

Brett Favres parents names?

Bonita (alive) & Irvin (nonliving)

How big is Brett Favres house in Orange Beach AL?

It's not Brett Favre's house. It is Art Favre's.

What is Brett Favres career wonloss record?

As of the end of the 2008 NFL season Brett Favres' career won loss record (regular season) is 169-100 and 12-10 in playoff appearances.

What is Brett Favres favorite food?

I think his favorite food is seafood

What is Brett Favres address in Mississippi?

Because that is where is permanent address is and where he lives in the off season

How many games has Brett Favre won?

Brett Favres' record was 169-100 (regular season) and 12-10 in the playoffs.

Who was Brett Favre's first completion to?

Brett Favres' 1st completed pass in the NFL was to himself (on a deflection) for a loss of 7 yards

How much is Brett Favres rookie card?

It can't make up it's mind, so who knows?

How much are Brett Favres cards worth?

not much at the time but when he gets older or dies they will get you good money.

How many games did Brett Favre win?

Brett Favres' regular season won loss record is 169-100 with a playoff record of 12-10