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Q: What was Brett Favres number when he played for the falcons?
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Who took Brett favres place when he left the falcons?

Wade Wilson. Favre was the 3rd QB on the 1991 Falcons, playing behind Chris Miller and Billy Joe Tolliver. Miller and Tolliver were on the 1992 Falcons and the 3rd QB was Wilson.

What is Brett favres sense to pressure idealaverageoblivous paranoid or trigger happy?

Brett Favres makes sense to pressure ideals that is oblivious paranoid.

Who is Brett Favres mistress?

Jen sterger

What is Brett Favres dads name?


Who is Brett Favres parents?

1000 man

When did Brett Favres dad die?

The Associated Press reported that his father suffered either a stroke or heart attack while driving and ran his car off the road into a ditch. Police on the scene said the accident was not serious enough to have taken Mr. Favre's life and they believed the medical condition caused the accident.

When is Brett favres birthday?

Brett Favre, NFL quarterback, has retired twice from the league, and then returned to play for different teams. He retired from, then returned to, the Green Bay Packers (where he has one Super Bowl victory). He then played for the New York Jets for one season, and retired again. Six months later, he signed as the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, and led the team to the National League Championship game.Green BayBrett Farve retired in 2008 after 17 record breaking years as QB for the Green Bay Packers. His last throw of his career was an interception against the Giants in overtime. This resulted a loss in the playoffs. The Giants advanced to the Super Bowl. Farve was cold and tired of the negative degrees in Green Bay. Brett Favre formally announced his retirement March 6, 2008 in an emotional news conference at Lambeau Field.Brett decided that he wanted to come back and was reinstated by the NFL during 2008 Training Camp. The Packers tried offering him a marketing contract for a reported $20 Million. He rejected the offer and showed up to Training Camp, but was on the "unable to perform" list. He was then traded to the NY Jets on August 7, 2008. He was the starting QB for the Jets in 2008. But he suffered a tendon injury and retired from the Jets on February 11, 2009.Favre then signed with the Minnesota Vikings on August 18, 2009.0,1,2

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What number was Brett Favre at the Atlanta Falcons?


What number did Brett Favre wear for the Falcons?