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The 3 players behind the attack line (10 ft from the net). They are usually the passers.

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Q: What is Backrow player in volleyball?
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What does ds stand for in volleyball?

DS stands for defensive specialist - a player who specializes in playing in the backrow, or passing

What is a bic play in volleyball?

A bic play, or backrow quick, is an attack from behind the ten footline, by the back middle player. The middle goes up like they would for a two ball, but the setter sets the ball over their head for a ten ball by the backrow player.

What is the 10ft line for in beach volleyball?

There is no 10ft line in beach volleyball, but in indoor it is to ensure that the backrow players are attacking from behind it

What are facts about the sport of volleyball?

6 players setter backrow players middle and outside hitters fun :)

What is a 5-1 rotation in volleyball?

ibelive a 5-1 is 1 setter and 5 other players equalling 6 there are outide hitters middle and back backrow a server can serve and there is usually a libero which is a backrow player only usually the most shorttest erson but not always

Functions of libero in volleyball?

The function of a libero in volleyball is to play defense in the backrow. These players have to be one of the team's strongest players and need to be able to anticipate the direction and speed of a hit.

What is a 'libero' volleyball?

A libero is a person on the team that wears a different colored jersey from everyone else. They don't need to be "officially" subbed in, they just run in and switch. The libero cannot serve the ball and is a backrow player. They can't be in the front row but they are aloud to do a backrow attack. Mostly they are just the teams best passer.

What is the definition of term libero in volleyball?

a libero is the backrow defense specialist, they are allowed to sub for any backrow player when the ball isn't in play without previous permission from the refs. they wear a different color jersey. they actually sub in for front row hitters who aren't as strong in passing, when they rotate to the back row.

Why is it sometimes important to receive the serve with an overhand pass in volleyball?

If you cannot get behind the ball, the you should overhand pass. But most likely, if you are in backrow, the ball may be out.

What is a 10ft line in volleyball for spiking?

It is a line that is 10 feet from the net. It is a marker for where backrow players can hit from. They cannot cross the plane of the net when they are past the ten foot line

What are thepositions in volleyball?

outside hitter middle hitter right side hitter (a.k.a. weak side hitter) setter defensive specialist libero (can only play backrow)

What is blocking fault in volleyball?

When the blocker touches the net while blocking (called, "in the net"). Some think that a backrow player can come and block, but this NEVER happens unless you are in elementary school playing at a local facility for fun. The reff will notice this and call it, since the reff must know where the setter is at all times for both teams he knows where the players play and if they should be in backrow or not. Players will always notice it too.

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