What is Back Row Attack in volleyball?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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A back row attack is when one of the three players in the back row jump and contact the ball of the top of the net while jumping from behind the white line, also known as the ten foot line.

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Q: What is Back Row Attack in volleyball?
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What is a attack in volleyball?

An attack in Volleyball is an overhead hit, such as a hit by an Outside or a back row attack.

What is attack block in volleyball?

the front row can attack anywhere, but the the back row can only hit behind the 10-foot line

What are the players in the back row of volleyball?


What restrictions do back row players have in volleyball?

Back row players can only stay in their respective zones. They cannot cross in front of other players (advanced rules) and can only stay behind the 10 foot line. The libero who can only play back row, cannot attack from the back row but they can send a ball over.

What is an attack in volleyball?

An attack in volleyball is when a person hits the ball, sometimes called a spiker or hitter. This is when a person hits the ball from the front row or back row. It is like a serve but it is during game play. An attack usually occurs on the third touch of the ball.

Can you block serve in volleyball?


Is the person in the volleyball server position considered a back or front row player?

a server is a back row player

Can a person on the back side of a volleyball team spike the ball when i person sets it in front of you?

A player in the back row is allowed to jump and attack the ball from the back row as long as they jump behind the 10 ft. line. If the back row player jumps in front of the 10 ft. line, the team looses the point.

Which position has the role to pass the ball to the center in volleyball?

back row does

In indoor volleyball how far away is the end line from the net?

Nine meters - 3 meters from the net, parallel to it is the attack line, which splits the court into two 'courts' - front court and back court, also known as front row and back row, respectively.

In volleyball the players situated in the back zone when the serve is made is called which positions?

back row

What is labero in volleyball?

a libero is an ds, defence specialist or back row specialist. they only play in the back row, they cant play in the front row. they are the best passer on the team.