What is 2 point field goal?

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2010-02-28 01:53:14

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A Basketball term, not football.

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2010-02-28 01:53:14
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Q: What is 2 point field goal?
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A goal in soccer is called a field goal and is worth 2 point true or false?

A goal in soccer is called a field goal and is worth 2 point - That is false

What is the rugby league score?

A try is 4 point, a converison is 2 points and a field goal is 1 point.

Why is a field goal called a field goal in basketball?

because a field goal in basketball and football are both worth one point That's not correct. A field goal is 3 points in football and 1 point for an extra point

Can you score on a blocked field goal?

You can score on a blocked field goal as long as it isn't an extra point. In college football you can return PATS for a defensive 2 point convo

What is the proper name for a 2 point basket in basketball?

Field goal (I think)

What is the point scoring system in rugby league one?

Try - 4 points, Conversion - 2 points, Penalty Goal - 2 points, Field Goal - 1 point.

When did the three point basket field goal begin in the NBA?

The three point field goal was added to the NBA in the 1979-80 season.

Why do they kick a field goal after a touchdown?

Because after a touchdown, the player will kick into a field goal to 1 point.

How do you score in football?

You can score in football by either making touchdown, extra point ,field goal, or safety Touch Down =6 Extra Point =1 Field Goal= 3 Safety = 2 Watch a game!

After scoring a touchdown a team can choose to do what?

Go for to points or kick a field goal for one point after the touchdown this field goal is known as an extra point.

How can a team score in football?

make a touchdown. make a extra point. make a 2 point conversion. make a Field goal.

What final scores under 10would not exist if the the 2-point safety and 3-point field goal did not exist?

6 and 7

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