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Q: What information do potential corporate sponsors need?
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How do you get corporate sponsors for an art show?

It is relatively easy to secure corporate sponsors for an art show. It just takes a little creativity and direction. If you need help to get corporate sponsors for an art show, you may want to attend a free teleseminar presentation now, through December 30. "How to Get Sponsors" is a pre-recorded presentation and is available 24-hours a day. To access the replay line, simply dial (218) 936-1005, and then entering the conference ID code, 62671#. Participants will learn: --Five strategies that must be used when contacting a sponsor --The story of how one individual received a one million dollar sponsorship for his short film --How to secure spectacular sponsorship deals --Why sponsors give, and what makes them not --How to reach major corporations who consistently sponsor For additional information you can go to

How good do i need to be on bmx to get sponsored?

You should probably get pro or be really good for your age You should enter a few competitions and gain some attention from potential sponsors there. There will probably be sponsors looking for new ambassadors at competitions.

Does the corporate real need board of the directors?

Does the corporate real need board of the directors Does the corporate real need board of the directors

Can I call the State Farm corporate office to get a car insurance quote Colorado?

The corporate office will not provide any rate information. You need to go to the State Farm website to find a local agent.

What qualifications do you need to get a corporate governance job?

Most people who get a corporate governance job have business experience. You should also have knowledge and skills relating to risk management, accounting, communications, and information flows.

Why do you need sponsors?

so as i may continue with my diploma in theology

How old do Catholic sponsors have to be?

This varies from parish to parish. However, usually the only qualification is that the sponsors just need to have been confirmed in the Catholic Church.

How can i get my 401k info from an employer?

Your employer should have their records electronically stored. The 401K is usually with a separate company anyhow. You will need to find out who sponsors your 401k and their contact information. Your employer will have access to this.

Where can one find more information about corporate video services?

There are many different types of corporate videos that can be made. The type of video depends on the company's needs and goals. For example, a company may need to create a video for their customers or employees to learn about their products or services. It is important to know what type of video you want before looking for a corporate video service provider, as there are many different types of providers out there. You can find more information on this topic at our website -

Do I need a corporate law lawyer for my company?

If you are incorporating your business, then yes, you will need a corporate lawyer to file the proper documents.

Who to call to see if Publix would become a corporate sponsor?

Contact your local store manager for contact information at our corporate offices. Unfortunately we have to coordinate all sponsoring through our corporate offices due to a few unscrupulous organizations. We are willing, we just need a bit of time to coordinate with our corporate offices. Your store manager has details, and be sure to apply early.

How do you figure out velocity without time when you do have distance and loss of potential energy?

you cannot figure out the change in velocity given just the distance and loss of potential energy. you need more information