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Then you go out and buy more.

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Q: What if you lose all your balls during a golf tournament?
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Do old golf balls become stale or otherwise lose performance?

Golf balls never become stale or lose performance as long as they are kept in a dry, temperate environment.

How may golf balls does the average golfer use in a year?

There is no specific amount because better players will lose less balls and players on harder courses would lose more. The generally accepted number for a years supply of golf balls is 12 dozen or 144 golf balls.

Golfers lose on average about 5 golf balls per round of play?

Do they? I would lose 1 in about 3 rounds. It just depends how straight you hit it and how what hazards there are to lose balls in.

How many balls can a pro golfer carry in his bag?

What clubs are suggested to carry in a golf bag

Do golf balls age?

Golf balls do indeed age. They begin to lose their effectiveness after two or three years if stored in a cool, dry place. The shelf life is considered about five years.

Why do golf balls bounce well on cement?

Since golf balls and cement are both very dense, it is harder for the ball to lose it's energy after bouncing since there is nothing to absorb the energy.

What equipment do you need to play golf?

Golf clubs, golf balls, and a tee. To Play A Round Of Golf, You Need Clubs (Up To 14), A Good Supply Of Balls Incase You Lose A Few, Tees, A Golf Club Bag, A Glove (Optional), A Green Tool And A Ball Marker, And A Pencil.

Where can you purchase Ti teach golf balls?

I believe I have seen the TI tech balls in Walmart, or Kmart (I always look for cheap balls because I lose alot of them) LOL

Golfers on average lose 5 balls per round How many golf balls an average will a golfer lose playing one round every day for an year?

1825 or 1830 on a leap year. If you lose 5 balls per round every round, i'd suggest you buy a tennis racket.

Can you buy more golf balls in the middle of the round if you lose all your balls?

yes you are aloud but normally when you walk off the golf course you are not aloud just to walk back on a any hole so you will have to start the whole 18 or 9 again

Is it bad when you lose a soccer tournament?

yes'' because when your team lose a tournament it will be heartbreaking knowing how hard you have worked'''

If you lose in a quarter final are you out of the tournament?


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