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1825 or 1830 on a leap year. If you lose 5 balls per round every round, i'd suggest you buy a tennis racket.

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Q: Golfers on average lose 5 balls per round How many golf balls an average will a golfer lose playing one round every day for an year?
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How many balls do golfers hit a day?

on an average i think about 50 or 60 depending on who you are

What are the purpose of golf practice nets?

Golf practice nets are very important for serious golfers. They allow a golfer to practice their golf swing and form and hit golf balls in a small space, like a backyard. Golf practice nets catch the golf balls so the golfer can practice in their backyard without breaking anything or losing the golf balls.

How many balls can a pro golfer carry in his bag?

What clubs are suggested to carry in a golf bag

Golfers lose on average about 5 golf balls per round of play?

Do they? I would lose 1 in about 3 rounds. It just depends how straight you hit it and how what hazards there are to lose balls in.

How many golf balls do pro golfers hit a day?


What percent of pro golfers use titleist golf balls?

65% or so

What does a golfer use?

Golf clubs, Golf balls and a Golf glove.

What is a hazard in golf?

A hazzard in golf refers to any man made, or natural structure specifically positioned in a way that may stress the golfer's game, and cause them to add strokes. Some of the most common hazards are sand traps, and ponds. Sand is much more difficult to hit from so golfers tend to play their balls as far away from these as possible. It is impossible to hit a ball from the water, therefore when a golfer does, he or she is required to take a drop ball which results in an added stroke. Both of these are hazzards to the golfer because the pose the threat of adding strokes, and hurting the golfers score.

How may golf balls does the average golfer use in a year?

There is no specific amount because better players will lose less balls and players on harder courses would lose more. The generally accepted number for a years supply of golf balls is 12 dozen or 144 golf balls.

Can Pro Golfers use Yellow Golf Balls?

Yes, pro golfers can use any colour of golf ball as long as it has been approved for tournament play.

Can a golfer borrow a golf ball from another golfer if he run out?

Probably, but which golfer is going to lose that many golf balls, like they earn a gazillion dollars just for showing up at the course. They are probably aloud to its friendly.

What are some good golf gifts?

As an avid golfer, I love to receive golf balls! Golfers can never have enough! Monogrammed items are so nice to have, especially when playing with 3 other people. Also tees, towels, and gift cards to courses are always nice to have!

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