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The runner is out.

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Q: What if ball hits runners?
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Is the play dead if the ball hits the batter in fair territory. Can runners advance?

Yes the ball is dead, and no the runners cannot advance.

What is the rule when a batter hits a ball then the ball hits the batter and there are runners in first and second baseis this a dead ball or live?

it is a foul.

Is the ball dead or live when a batter ball hits a runner?

It is a dead ball and the runner is out. If the ball hits two runners, only the first runner is out, because the ball is immediately dead when it hits the first runner.

Suicide squeeze and the ball hits the batter and the runner on third is barreling down the line but the ball hits the batter?

If a pitched ball hits the batter, it is dead, and all runners must return to their bases.

When a batted ball hits a runner?

If a batted ball hits a runner, the ball is dead. The runner is out and any other runners return to the base they started on. The batter must re-bat.

Can a runner on 3rd score when a batter hits ball in fair play in front of plate and is out when ball hits her?

If the batter/runner is contacted by a fair ball when they are out of the box they are out and the ball is dead thus no runners can advance. Given this the answer to you question is no they can not score.

If a runner is on third and the batter hits himself with the ball and the ball is dead can the runner go to next base?

No. You answered your own question. The ball is dead if it comes into contact with the batter. Play should immediatly halt. I can see in softball, if the fourth ball is pitched and it hits the player, and is counted as a ball, then both runners would move. Of course if the runners on base are forced runs. Aside from that. I cant see a scenario where the runner would move bases based on a dead ball.

If a pitched ball hits catcher and goes out of play what happens to the runners?

It is ruled a dead ball and each base runner would advance one base.

What if attempting to bunt batter misses ball then ball hits batter can runners advance?

If a better puts out his bat for a bunt and does not pull it back, the pitch counts as a strike (as long as the ball does not hit the bat of course). It does not matter if the ball is in the strike zone or is 10 ft outside of it. Given that it is a strike, the runners do not advance, although they can attempt to steal.

In a baseball game if a hitter hits a fair ball down the line and it hits the ball girl is that considered an interference?

Yes, it is interference. If, in the umpire's judgment, it was unintentional, the play continues as normal. If it was intentional, the ball is called dead and runners/batter gets two bases.

Is it a base hitif batted ball hits umpire in infieldcalled a dead ball?

Yes. Ball is dead. Batter is awarded 1st and all runners advance 1 base. Rule 5.09 (f)

What is a full play in baseball?

There is no such phrase in baseball as "full play." The closest I can think of would be a "Triple Play" where two runners are on and the batter hits the ball and both runners and the batter are put out on the same play.

If a batter hits a fair ball and fails to touch first base are the base runners ahead of her allowed to score?

Yeah they can. They can only stay put if the ball is caught as a fly.

When the ball hits the batter out of the batters box how to you score it?

It is ruled offensive interference, the batter is out, and the ball is dead. Any runners on base must return to the base they last occupied.

If a batter hits the ball and the ball hits a runner leaving 2nd base the runner is out Is the batter out Do the other 2 baserunners get to advance to the next base?

When the ball hits the baserunner it is a dead ball at the runner the ball hit is out. The batter is credited with a single. Since the batter is given a single, any baserunner required to advance will advance, however, no runners ahead of the runner who was out will advance: i.e bases loaded, the runner at 2nd is hit by the ball, the runner at 2nd is out, the runner at 1st goes to 2nd and the batter goes to first. the runner at 3rd does not get to advance, he will stay at 3rd, so the bases will remain loaded runners at 2nd and 3rd, -- the ball hits the guy at 3rd base (while he is in fair territory), runner at 3rd is out, runner at 2nd returns to 2nd, and batter goes to first, you now have runners on 1st and 2nd hope this helps

What is the ruling when a batted ball is deflected by pitcher and hits a baserunner?

A batted ball that hits a fielder is in play, regardless of whether or not it later hit a baserunner. If a batted ball hits a baserunner before touching a fielder, the runner is out, the batter is awarded a hit, and all other runners return to their previous base unless forced to advance.

If a batted ball hits a base runner is the play dead?

If a batted ball hits a base runner in fair territory before the ball has been touched by a defensive player or an umpire, the ball is dead, the runner is called out for interference, the batter is awarded first base, and all other runners advance one base if forced. If, however, the ball has been touched by a defensive player or an umpire before hitting the base runner, the ball is live and play proceeds as usual (unless the runner is judged by the umpire to have deliberately made contact with the ball, then the runner can be called out for interference, the ball is dead, the batter is awarded first base, and all other runners advance one base if forced, or, if flagrant, the batter can also be called out and no runners advance).

A balk is called with runners on base and the batter hits the ball for an out. What happens?

The balk is void if the ball is hit. Just as if there was no balk called. If your batter hits the balked pitch and grounds out then he is out. Runners advance at their own risk. This is dependent on the league that is being played. In high school, a balk is immediate meaning that if the ball is hit it means nothing and the runners all move up a base. But in some leagues, it is a delayed balk. This means that if the batter reaches base and all runners move up a base the balk is waved off. At no point does the balk benefit the defense. A balk is a punishment to deceiving the offensive players or in this case the runners. So in reality the balk at no point turns void unless the offense benefits from the play.

With runners on 1st and 2nd no one out batter hits the ball to third the third baseman tags the base then throws to 2nd is it a force play or do you have to tag the runner?

If it was a ground ball, then it would be a force out.

Can a hit batter advance beyond first?

No the ball is dead as soon as it hits the batter, no runners may advance more than one base.

Is the batter out if he hits the ball and it ricochets off of a runner and the ball is caught by a defensive player before it hits the ground?

Rules 6.08(d) and 7.08(f) say that if a fair batted ball hits a runner in fair territory before touching or passing an infielder, then the runner is out for interference. The ball is dead, and all runners must return to the base last occupied, unless forced by the batter who is awarded 1B. As soon as the ball hits the runner, it is dead, so it doesn't matter what happens...caught or not caught...after that.

What happens if in baseball the ball gets stuck in a runners jersey?

If it was a hit ball and the ball was stuck in the runners jersey then the runner is out assuming he had the first contact with the ball. If a fielder has the ball stuck in the jersey then the ball is dead and the hitter would be safe at first.

What happens when a baseball hits a base runner and goes into the dugout?

According to MLB rule 7.08(f) "A runner is out when ... He is touched by a fair ball in fair territory before the ball has touched or passed an infielder. The ball is dead and no runner may score, nor runners advance, except runners forced to advance." Since the ball is dead the instant it touches the runner, where it goes afterwards is irrelevant.

Do base runners stealing have to tag back up if the batter hits a pop fly?

Yes, if they do not tag up, the ball can be thrown to the base from which they left and that is an automatic out.

A batter hits a home run with runners on first and second but the batter is called out when he touches firstbase and still has the bat in his hands how many bases do the base-runners get?

if the ball is hit out of the park and he gets called out because of that then the runs are forced in beause it was a home run