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You take a penalty stroke if you did not let te other player mark their ball.

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Q: What if I am on the green and I putt and my ball hits another players ball?
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Why do golfers mark their ball putting green?

They mark their ball out of courtesy for other players as if one player on the green hits the ball of another they receive a two shot penalty. It is also so the player can clean his ball and line it up.

When a golf ball hits another players ball on the fairway what should happen?

any ball struck by another ball must be replaced as close to its original position as possible. Tricky when players are 150yds away!

If another player leaves his club on the green and you chip on and the ball hits the club is there a penalty?

No its not because it shouldn't be there

What if golf ball hits another golf ball?

If player A has a golf ball on the green and player B hits a shot from off the green which hits player A's, there is no penalty, Player A replaces their ball as close as possible to where their ball was prior being hit, and player B plays their ball as it lies. However, if Player A has a ball on the green, and player B plays a shot on the green, if the balls collide player A must replace their ball and player B receives a two shot penalty and plays their ball as it lies.

If you hit your ball and it hits your partner's ball on the green what is the ruling?

So, your playing partner is on the green, and you hit onto the green, if your ball hits your opponents and your ball goes in, it is counted as holed in that shot. If you hit his ball and his ball goes in, you leave your ball where it ended up and he must replace his to where it was before it was hit.

In golf if your opponent's ball knocks your ball into the cup what is the ruling?

There are two scenarios; 1. On the green- If you and your opponent are on the green and he hits you ball and knocks it into the cup, or hits your ball at all, you replace your ball (to as near where it was before it was hit as possible) and he plays his from where it lies, and he shall receive a 2 shot penalty. 2. If your ball is on the green and your opponent is off the green and he hits yours, you replace your ball as near as possible to where you believe your ball was before he hit your ball. There is no penalty.

In volleyball after the ball is served can the other players move anywhere?

yes, as soon as the server hits the ball and it is in motion others players can move

What happens in golf if a player hits opponents ball by mistake when both players are puting on the green?

the player who putted the ball receives a one shot penalty and the ball that was hit should be replaced as near as possible to the place it was struck.

What is rebounds?

Football: Rebounds are when football players shoot at the goal, hits the goal frame or keeper and come back out the goal. A player could then take the oppurtunity to shoot again. Netball: Rebounds are when netball players are shooting in the goal. If they miss and the ball misses the ring, they are allowed to catch the ball and have another shot. If the ball hits the ring and then the player catches the ball, then they are not immedietly allowed to shoot again.

Golf ball is hit by opponents ball and goes in hole?

Say player A's ball is sitting on the green, if player B's ball hit's A's ball and A goes in the hole, it must be replaced to the original position. If B's ball goes in, it is classed as holed. This scenario applies on if B hits from off the green. If he is on the green and hits A's ball he receives a two shot penalty.

What is the name given to a shot in snooker where the cue ball hits a red ball which hits another red ball to make it go into a pocket?

It is called a plant

While on the green if you putt your ball and it hits a competitors ball what is the penalty?

You would be given a two stroke penalty.

What happens when a ball hits a players club lying on the ground?

The club is treated an obstruction. The ball is played as is and the obstruction may be moved.

What happens if a ball hits the players hand on a swing?

then the ball it the players hand on the swing silly and why would you want to know about that just go and do it and see what happens hoped that helped you alot.

Can players not positioned in the lane rebound ball after a missed free throw?

Yes! As long as they dont move before the ball hits the rim.

How many players are required to play the game of baseball?

For street baseball, 4 players is enough: one person for serving the ball, one with the batt, and the other two accompenying them (trying to catch the ball when the batt-guy hits the ball).

If a player hits the ball into the net and another player plays the ball over the net what is it called?

A save

When one billboards ball hits another the force the second billboard ball returns to the first is what?


What is a two ball foursome in golf?

There are two teams each of two players. Each team hits the same ball, taking alternate shots.

How do beat level 9 in civiballs 2 in vikings?

cut the little green ball to hit the red ball that sits on the bottom. he gos in. then cut the top middle ball so that it lands in the launcher. launch him. he hits the red ball making it swing then hits the green ball and makes it go home. cut the big green ball so that it and the red ball goes home. cut the swinging red ball so that it lands to the right of the red vase. cut the gray ball to knock it in. -Truex 56

When playing golf what order do you have to be in if you have a group of four and you are playing in the fairway?

The player who's ball is farthest away from the green hits first, then move to the next players ball in order of distance to the green.BUT... Most courses encourage "ready play" (if you are ready, then hit the ball) in order to speed up play.

What happens in lacrosse if the ball hits the ground?

What happens is the ball deforms which then flattens then returns to its normal shape which then makes it bounce. As for what happens rules-wise when the ball hits the ground, not a lot. The ball is on the ground for a fair portion of the game, which can lead to heavy contact when players vie for control of the ball.

Where does friction occur in softball?

Friction occurs when the players feet rub against the ground and when the ball rubs against the dirt or grass. Friction also occurs when the ball hits your bat or when it hits your glove.

What if you team mate hits the volleyball and he hits it up to thae ceiling can another play hit the ball?

Yes if the ball stays on your teams side, it doesnt count if the ball hits the ceiling and then goes to the other side of the net

Is it a scratch if the cue ball fails to hit another ball?

Scratch refers to potting the cue ball. But yes, it is a foul if the cue ball does not hit one of your object balls, hits one of your opponents object balls or hits the 8 ball.