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This totally depends on the type of racing you want to do. If it's on a track then you'll find that Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Paint, Appaloosa's, and Arabians are best for flat racing. For harness racing on the track Standardbreds are the top choice. If however you want to race across the ranges and such then any horse with legs and hooves strong enough to stay sound over the terrain will work well.

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Q: What horses are best for racing in Montana?
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What horses do best in barrel racing?

Quarter Horses are the best horse to do barrels.

What are Arabian horses best at racing in?

Arabians are known for their success in endurance riding, and occasionally as race horses (Arab racing, not thoroughbred racing). Disciplines to avoid are hunters (hunter judges don't like Arab horses in the ring)

What is the best horse breed for barrel racing?

quarter horses

What are Arabian horses best at racing in on Howrse?

Cross country

What horses are best at barrel racing on Howrse?

Quarter horses and thoroughbreds, because the 3 main skills of these two breeds are exactly what you need for barrel racing on Howrse- speed, dessage and gallop.

What website is the best horse racing handicapper?

all about horses

Best horse for barrel racing?

the best horse for barrel racing is the American Quarter horse but not all of the quarter horses are excellent for this some are better than others.

Are horses famous for racing?

Yes, horses are famous for racing. Especially throughbreds, who are the main breed of racing horse.

What type of horses do racing?

thorough bred horses that are about 2 years old do racing

What are the best horse for barrel racing?

Quarter Horses are very common in the sport of barrel racing as they are quick and agile. Quarter Horses are an average height and tend to have a low centre of gravity. Other breeds that are good at barrel racing are: Mustangs, Appaloosas, Arabians, Paints and Appendix Quarter Horses. they have to be light, quick on their feet and go fast!

What came first racing horses or showing horses?

Horse racing came before horse shows.

Are Clydesdale horses a riding horse?

Yes, Clydesdales are riding horses along with work horses. They can be used for virtually everything except racing. They don't make the best jumpers either.

What is the best horse?

There is no "best" breed of horse. Different horses are good at different things. Quarter horses are best at racing short distances, Thoroughbreds are best at racing longer distances, Arabians are best at endurance, and Standardbreds are the best harness racers. No horse is the "best" breed. You have to see what's right for what you want to do with them. Also, don't pick a horse because of its breeding/lineage. Its the heart that counts! : )

How would selective breeding be used to improve the racing ability of horses?

Selective breeding would ensure that all the racing horses would be of higher quality. Breeders could only breed horses with racing qualities to make race horses.

What is called when you bet the horses?

If your racing and betting on each others horses its called Racing for Pinks!

Which horses are in the Kentucky Derby?

The horses that race in the Derby are Thoroughbred racing horses.

What is the Best Barell Racing Horse?

There are many horses that do very well in barrel racing. many people use quarter horses or paints, i have also seen many appys. I personaly have done barrel racing with a pinto and a mustang and both did very well. you just need a horse that is fast and can turn fast.

What horses are mostly used for racing?

Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds

What are the masks the racing horses have on called?


How many horses die every year from racing?

Well somewhere around 800 race horses die from injuries caused by racing... =(

Who is the oldest jockey in harness racing?

Jockeys ride on the back of thoroughbred horses; standard bred horses used in harness racing have drivers.

Are quarter horses very intellegent?

YES! EXTREMELY! I love them, one of the BEST horses out there! They are excellent at racing and showing and riding trails and amazing with children! They are truly lovely horses and you should honor and respect them as they honor and respect you!

Do horses chase rabbits when racing?

No, horses run way faster than rabbits

What is the best breed beside quarter horse for barrel racing?

Quarter horses and paints are both great barrel racers.

How is selective breeding affected on racing horses?

It's very important. Thoroughbred racing is a billion dollar industry so the breeding programs are vital to get the fastest horses possible. Bloodlines are studied so the resulting foal has the best genes for speed and the ability to run distances.