What holds a sail?

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Q: What holds a sail?
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What is on a boat and holds up a sail?

the pole that holds up the sail is called the mast

Holds up a sail?

A sail-robber? No, it's a MAST!

What is the pole on a ship that holds a sail?


Holds a sail on the front of a ship?

The forestay.

An upright pole that holds a boats sail?

You are describing the mast.

A pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up the sail?

It is a mast

The pole on a sailboat that holds the sail?

The mast.Answer:The vertical spar the sail attaches to is the Mast. The horizontal spar is called a Boom.

What holds up a sail on a sail boat?

The halyard (a line, NOT a rope) keeps it tied up to the mast (that vertical post-thing).

What are the poles called that are on a sailboat that holds the sails?

Mast (vertical, leading edge of sail), Boom (horizontal,bottom of sail), and a spinnaker pole if you use a spinnaker which is a sail type

What holds up a sail on a boat?

A mast. Although it is attached to a mast the thing that holds a sail up is a halyard. a mast is something that pushes the boat with wind and the reason its called a mast is cause it holds the biggest sail, the thing your looking for is something that is on the bottom of the boat and runs vertical on the boat. if that gets ruined the boat is ruined, unrepairable

What is a pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up the sail called?


What is a sail holder called?

The vertical post to which a sail is attached is known as a mast. However, on the historical tall ships, the sail is attached to a horizontal beam known as a spar or boom. Some might say that the wind holds a sail. Or perhaps you are referring to the piece of rope (or line) that controls a particular sail. Please be more specifical.

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