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50,988 Kensington vs. Bennett-Civic Stadium Buffalo NY, Oct. 1948

49,953 Plano vs. Port Neches-Groves Texas Stadium 1977*

46,339 Southlake Carroll vs. Euless Trinity Texas Stadium 2006

45,790 Highland Park vs. Waco Cotton Bowl 1945*

45,000 Houston Washington vs. Galveston Rice Stadium 1968

45,000 Dallas Adams vs. Richardson Cotton Bowl 1967

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The 1937 Chicago Prep Bowl (city championship) attracted a record 120,000 fans to Soldier Field to watch Austin battle Leo for the city high school football championship.
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LeBron James' high school state game. Not even close. The state of Ohio does not have a domed football stadium like the HoosierDome. When Damon Bailey led BNL to the Indiana HS Championship,the HoosierDome was the venue used. At least 40,000 tickets were sold,and estimates of "comp" tickets (the NCAA was using the HoosierDome for the 1st time that year for its Final Four) reached over 47,000. In comparison, The NCAA allowed only 44,000 tickets to be sold for the Final Four. This game rivals even the largest high school football attendance in history. Hoosiers love their high school Basketball,as evidenced by the capacity of the largest high school gyms. 9 of the top ten are in Indiana,with # 7 being in Texas.

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St. X vs. Trinity

Louisville, KY

38,000 plus every year played at the University of Louisville's football stadium

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1990 indiana state high school championship. Hoosiers Dome. I was there. Our team won it all.

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Q: What high school basketball game had the largest attendance?
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