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cricket ball

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Q: What has smaller mass cricket ball or balloon?
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What is Mass of cricket ball?

A cricket ball is required to be between 155.9g and 163g.

Why cricket ball has more inertia than rubber ball?

because cricket ball has greater mass

What has greater mass balloon iron wrecking ball basketball or baseball?

Iron wrecking ball

Does the mass of a ball effect how far it rolls?

the smaller the mass the farther the roll

How does the mass of a ball effect how far it rolls?

the smaller the mass the farther the roll

The mass of a cricket ball?

Cricket balls, weighing between 155.9 and 163.0 grams

How do you lift a large mass with a smaller one?

If the smaller mass is more dense, like a spoon lifting an inflated balloon. Or if the smaller mass has more electromagnetic properties then the larger one, like a small magnet being able to lift a pile of nails.

Would a large or small object be easier to stop?

The physical size doesn't matter. The ability to stop (or start) an object depends on its mass. For example, a bowling ball has more mass than a large balloon or sofa cushion. Smaller masses are easier to stop (or start).

Type of ball bounce the highist a tennis baa or a basketball?

A tennis ball will bounce the highest because it is smaller. The smaller amount of mass that it has the more it will bounce and the higher it would get. For example, when you put air into a ball the more mass it builds up but, when the ball is flat it would not bounce.

What happens to the mass in a balloon when heated?

the mass of the balloon increases because the size of the balloon has increased. :)

Which is having a higher value of momentum - a bullet of mass 10G moving with a velocity of 400m's or a cricket ball of mass 400G thrown with the speed of 90km?

I am assuming that you meant the speed of the cricket ball to be 90km/h.Momentum = mass in kg x velocity in m/sThe BulletConvert the mass from grams to kilograms.10g x (1kg/1000g) = 0.01kgMomentum of the bullet is 0.01kg x 400m/s = 4kg•m/sThe Cricket BallConvert km/h to m/s.90km/h x (1000m/1km) x (1h/3600s) = 25m/sConvert g to kg.400g x (1kg/1000g) = 0.400kgMomentum of the cricket ball = 0.400kg x 25m/s = 10kg•m/sAnswer: The cricket ball has the greater momentum.

What mass can a hot hot-air balloon carry?

That depends on the ratio of the mass in the basket to the mass of the balloon. The bigger the carrying mass the greater the size of the balloon.