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Iron wrecking ball
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Q: What has greater mass balloon iron wrecking ball basketball or baseball?
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How does a hot-air balloon rise?

The upthrust on the balloon is greater than the weight of the balloon. Thus, it rises upwards. The upthrust on the balloon is greater than the weight of the balloon because the air inside it has a lower density than the surrounding air.

Why balloon fall slower than a marble?

The balloon falls slower than a marble because its buoyancy is greater and because its drag coefficient is greater.

Is the pressure of a balloon greater on the inside or outside?

It's greater on the outside until it rises to a point in the atmosphere where the air is very thing. At that point, the pressure inside the balloon is greater which causes it to pop.

What object has greater density a balloon or a bowling ball?

There's going to be a greater density in the bowling ball, because its ALOT heavier and isn't hallow like the balloon.

What mass can a hot hot-air balloon carry?

That depends on the ratio of the mass in the basket to the mass of the balloon. The bigger the carrying mass the greater the size of the balloon.

Why does air rush out of a hole in a balloon?

The pressure inside is greater than outside, or else the balloon would not blown up.

Why does a balloon expend as you blow into it?

Air pressure - greater on inside than out.

Does a basketball have the same less or greater inertia than a bowling ball?

greater than

Why is the mass of inflated balloon is greater than the mass of the deflated balloon?

The gas inside the inflated balloon has mass. At standard atmospheric conditions at sea level air weighs approximately one kilogram per cubic metre. A 10 passenger hot air balloon has an inflated volume of about 9000 cubic metres so the air inside the balloon weighs around nine tonnes!

Is the inertia of a marble greater than a basketball?


The more air you pump into a balloon the greater the circumference of the balloon will be?

Because the air pressure can't go anywhere so it trys to go out by pushing the balloon while it gets bigger it will pop and the air will go out.

Can a balloon blow itself up?

A balloon can't blow itself up - it can only respond to internal and external forces. For example, if the pressure inside the balloon is greater than the pressure outside the balloon, it will inflate; if the pressure is greater than the balloon is able to stretch, it blows up. Balloons that are filled on the ground, for example, and then released into the sky may eventually blow up as they reach altitudes with lower air pressure.