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Wrestling is way better hockey sucks. They skate around like there the s***t

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โˆ™ 2010-09-19 04:15:12
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Q: What has better conditioned athletes hockey or wrestling?
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Which sport has better athletes hockey or basketball?


Name a sport in which big athletes have an advantage?

Football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, hockey and hammer throw. Family Feud Answers: Football, basketball, wrestling, boxing, hockey.

Which athletes' last name starts with I?

* Goran Ivanisevic (Tennis) * Ana Ivanovic (Tennis) * Jarome Iginla (Hockey) * Allen Iverson (Basketball) * Daniel Igali (Wrestling)Nanderspiter

Are women better at hockey then men?

Men tend to be better athletes than women, due to higher physical strength. Therefore, women's hockey is a little different from men's hockey, with less physical contact and overall less strength involved in shots, etc.

What are 3 things athletes do?

Basketball, Tennis, and Hockey.

Who was the saint of hockey?

There is no patron saint of hockey but Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of athletics and athletes.

How do you tackle in field hockey?

the answer is you dont! You dont tackle in field hockey just in football and wrestling.

When Athletes compete by running and jumping over frames?


What are the biggest sports of the world?

football wrestling basketball hockey

Famous Russian athletes?

Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitols (hockey)

How is wrestling and hockey the same?

It is not the same since hockey is real and wrestling is fake. The only similaritys is that they will host in the same arena sometimes. Example: The Air Canada Center. The Toronto Makes me Laughs play there and they could host wrestling matches.

What sport is better softball or hockey?


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