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Q: What happens when your driver shaft is too short?
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Can a regular flex shaft cause a slice?

Yes because depending on your swing speed the shaft can be too flexed at impact which causes the face and shaft of ur driver to be open. A faster swing speed needs an x stiff shaft

What causes a hook when using a driver in golf?

An in to in swing, most likely closing the club face too quickly. You may be too quick in the transition, although if you are a good player - the shaft may be too weak and you need to go to a stiffer shaft.

Can you use the same drive shaft out of a turbo 350 long transmission and use it in a turbo 350 short transmission?

Probably not. It will likely be too short.

What happens if the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave is too long or too short?

it cannot be seen

How do you measure worn out shaft?

I won't lie, I laughed. Could you elaborate on your question? It is too short and needs further scope.

Will a 98 silverado 2 wheel drive axle shaft fit a 96 Tahoe 4 wheel drive?

No it is too short.

Can I hit my driver farther with a regular shaft. I have played a stiff shaft for 20 years. smooth tempo and swing speed of 90mph?

You should really get custom fit, this will easily tell you what shaft is best for you. 90 MPH is pretty quick so a regular may be too whippy for you.

Why does the front u-joint on a rear driveshaft keep breaking on a 76 blazer lifted 6 inches?

Your angle is too steep and your drive shaft maybe too short!

How long is a standard shaft on a golf driver?

The standard length of a mens 3 wood is around 41-42 inches long. You will find that the length of shaft varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can also get custom fit where they may take an inch or two off your shaft.

What is the cost of converting a short shaft to a long shaft?

Pretty sure all you need is the shaft and the housing, so if you can find those in a junk yard or something, it wouldn't cost anything. If you need to buy the labor too, you'll need to check with a transmission shop for an estimate.

What happens if you are in an accident with an unlicensed driver?

Most cases you get jailed if the accident is severe. If its not too much you get a ticket for driving without licensed driver. Depends on country to country though

Would a driver with 12 degree loft be too much for a swing speed above 100mph?

Swing speed is only really applicable to the shaft flex. 100 MPH would be perfect for a stiff shaft, maybe even some X stiff shafts. The key thing to look at is launch angle and spin rate. With a stiff shaft, your swing speed and a 12 degree driver the ball will be coming off the face very very high and spinning like mad, which will rob you of distance and consistency. I would recommend a 9 or 9.5 degree for you with a stiff shaft. The best thing to do is go to a good golf shop and get custom fitted, they will find the best driver and shaft for you and your game.