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We stop playing it, and in IA, we play Basketball!Yay!!XD

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In school volleyball is a fall sport, so in September it starts. It ends around the end of October. Then club season starts in December and usually ends in June.

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usually around october/november

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Q: What happens when the season is over for volleyball?
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What happens if the volleyball goes over but hits the floor?

The team that hit the ball over will get a point.

What happens if on a serve in volleyball hits and drops over to the other side?

its your point

What happens when the ball is served in volleyball and hits the net but makes it over?

The ball is still technically in. According to the rules of volleyball, if it hits the net and goes over, it is still in.

What happens when the ball is served and hits the net but makes it over in volleyball?

Nothing, this is completely legal.

Where is the best place to bye volleyball equpment?

I bought my volleyball stuff at Sports Authority, but anywhere that has sports equipment should have volleyball stuff in volleyball season.

What happens in you pee in you volleyball Spandex?

It drips all over the floor then you slip, break your neck, and go into a coma. Don't forget you get laughed at. You'd be better off not peeing in your volleyball spandex.

What happens if you leave a volleyball in the summer?

it shrivels

Can the volleyball ever hit the floor?

when ever the volleyball happens to hit the floor it will count against u

What happens in volleyball if a Player goes up for a spike and reaches over the net crossing it?

It doesn't matter as long as they don't touch the net.

Can you make a lot of money playin volleyball?

You can make solid money in volleyball. One season around $100 000 for pro volleyball players. Multiply by 15 seasons.

Is boys basketball and girls volleyball the same season?

Not for High School.

We use a refrigerator to store concessions for volleyball. The season is over and the high school doesn't want it to run empty. Will the refrigerator be damaged by turning it off for about 9 months?