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The kicking team cannot recover the ball unless a returning team member touches it.

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Q: What happens when the kicker does not kick the football past 10 yards on an onside kick?
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Can the kicker be the first one to touch the ball on an onside kick?

As long as it goes 10 yards.

How many yards does a kicker have to kick an extra point in youth football?

20 yards

Does an onside kick in football have to hit the ground before the kicking team can recover the ball?

No, the football has to go 10 yards before it can be recovered by the kicking team. if it goes 10 yards and is in the air the kicking team can recover it.

How good do you have to be to be a football kicker?

For a punter you should try kicking the ball 40 yards or above. For a field goal you should try 30 yards or above.

What was the distance of the longest field goal in a high school football game?

71 yards from kicker at bingham high in utah

What integer reprensent a football penalty of 15 yards?

Face mask, roughing the passer, roughing the kicker, pass interference, clipping...

How many yards do you get for roughing the kicker?

15 yards!

What is the rule for onside kicks in football?

No member of the kicking team may touch the ball until it has travelled 10 yards from where the ball was kicked unless a member of the receiving team touches it first.

What are negative yards?

In football negative yards are yards lost which happens if the ball carrier is tackled behind the line of scrimmage.

Can you onside punt on a safety?

There is no such thing as an onside punt because if you punt it, the other team has to touch the ball before you can recover it. There is such thing as an onside kick on a kickoff when the ball can go ten yards then any team can recover it. Or on an onside kickoff if it hits the receiving team, anyone can recover it

What is the longest kick in football history?

The longest kick was the Detroit lions kicker 65 yards he made on YouTube

How many yards does the football travel to go across the goalpost in a PAT?

In the National Football League, after a touchdown the ball is placed at the two yard line. In college football, after a touchdown the ball is placed at the three yard line. The kicker usually sets up seven yards behind the line of scrimmage. That would make a PAT around 19-20 yards in length.

In the NFL does the ball have to move 10 feet or more in a onside kick?

The ball must travel 10 yards ( 30 ft. ) on an onside kick.

What is a onside kick in NFL?

An onside kick in the NFL is the same in any other level of football. The onside kick is a strategy. After a team has scored a touchdown, that team must kick the ball to the opposing team. The kicking team may kick the ball as far as they want but if it goes out of bounds it is a pentalty. The ball must also pass ten yards before the kicking team can touch the ball and take possession of it. The goal of the onside kick is to recover the ball after the ball has crossed ten yards from where the ball was kicked, and set your offense up to score again. The onside kick is usually used when a team is losing and needs to score in a little amount of time. But, that is a tough thing to do because the opposing team has a better chance of recovering the ball than the kicking team.

What is an onside punt?

An onside punt is a punt after a safety. After a safety the ball turns over to the defensive team. The team on offense punting the ball away can punt onside by punting ten yards. The ball is live, just like an onside kick, and can be recovered by the punting team.The Miami Dolphins used this in the 1980's to beat Cincinnati.

What would you use to measure a football field?

Officials use yards, as a football field is 100 yards.

What is the name of the football kicker that played with a club foot?

Tom Dempsey He hold the record for longest fieldgold. 63 yards in history He played with the new Orleans saints H20JOE

Are Trips allowed in NFL Football?

no will be pentalized if so happens 15 yards

How many yards does a kicker have to kick an extra point in football?

In the NFL, after a touchdown the ball is placed at the two yard line. In college ball, after a touchdown the ball is placed at the three yard line. That would make an extra point 19-20 yards in length.

Can a field goal kicker spot the football more than 7 yards behind the scrimage line?

Yes, the ball may be spotted at any point behind the line of scrimmage.

How far should a kicker be able to kick?

A Punter (After a touchdown or fieldgoal is made) in the NFL should at least kick 65 yards.A Field Goal Kicker should be able to kick at least 55-60 yards to be good.A Kicker, (When a team kicks the ball away) should kick approximately 35 or more yards.Field Goal's need accuracyPunter's and Kicker's don't

How come nfl kickers can kick the ball for over 80 yards on a kick off but the longest field goal made is only 63 yards?

The kicker on field goals is rushed and only has 3 yards to run up and kick the ball. On the other hand the kicker on Kickoffs has whatever is comfortable yards for them.

What is the difference between an onsides kick and a punt?

an onside kick you try to kick it about ten yards and recover it, a punt you try to get it as far down field as you can. Also onside kicks have a tee, and punts you toss in the air and kick it

What if an onside kick bounces back?

As long as it goes 10 yards before bouncing back it is a legal kick

What is the Average kicking distance of NFL kicker?

The furthest an average starting Kicker could usually kick the ball is anywhere between 45 and 55 yards.