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I never seen nothing like that happen before because every team has a roster of at least 15-20 players. This may not happen in pro Basketball, but if it was to happen in high school they may give the win to the other team because there must be 5 players on each team.

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Q: What happens when a the 5 player on an nba team fouls out with no replacement on bench?
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What happens to a player who has committed five fouls personal or technical?

they get put on the bench for the rest of the game

What happens if a player gets charged with 6 fouls in the NBA?

They foul out of game ----- The player is disqualified and ordered to enjoy the rest of the game from the bench.

If you start a game with 5 players on your team if one of your players fouls out what happens?

He or She is replaced by a team mate on the bench.

5 fouls on a player?

the player fouls out ,and is out the rest of the game

What happens if a basketball player fouls himself?

Then he/she is a idiot. But nothing will happen, the game will go on.

What happens if a player in basketball gets 6 fouls?

He/she is "fouled out", meaning they cannot participate in the rest of the game.Besides you cant have 6 fouls. Unless they are in the NBA.

What happens if a player fouls out in basketball and you have no subs?

The game is forfeited. Sometimes depending on how many players you have.

What happens if a player uses up all of their fouls?

they get ejected which means they sit out for the rest of the game

In basketball if player A fouls player B and on the continuation attempt player C trying to block the lay up fouls player B what happens?

Nothing... The foul is charged to player A And if player B makes the shot it is an And-1 If not then 2 free throws will be awarded

Maximum fouls of player in a basketball match?

Five Fouls

Can a player be ejected for the season for technical fouls?

Yes but it depends on how many fouls and the severity of the fouls

What happens if a player with 5 fouls plays unnoticed by officials?

nothing happens but they refs and they book keeper rarely make that mistake

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