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It's a dead ball.

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Q: What happens when a ball gets stuck in an umpire's mask?
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Pitchers pitches the ball is pitched bounces off catcher and gets stuck in the umpires equipment do runners advance?

no dead ball

What the rule of when a basketball gets stuck on the rim?

When the ball gets stuck on the rim, it should be a jump ball. When the ball gets stuck on the rim, it should be a jump ball.

What happens if in baseball the ball gets stuck in a runners jersey?

If it was a hit ball and the ball was stuck in the runners jersey then the runner is out assuming he had the first contact with the ball. If a fielder has the ball stuck in the jersey then the ball is dead and the hitter would be safe at first.

If a ball gets stuck on a player is it an out?

The ball is dead and all runners advance one base. I just wanted to add onto this answer. When this happens the ball is a live ball until the runs advance a base. i.e if the ball never touches the ground and gets stuck in a jersey it would could as a lineout/fly out and the batter would be out, then it is a dead ball... if somehow it happens on a ground ball a force out can be made, but a batter cannot be tagged out

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It dies

Some disadvantages of the soccer ball are.?

when it rains the ball could get stuck on the grass and the ball gets very slippery

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What happens when a bolus gets stuck in the trachea is that it makes breathing difficult. If the food is not removed from the trachea, the person could die.

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It hurts.......ALOT!!!!

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Reach on upthere andpull it out.

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It gets cold

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