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The ball must be given a no ball

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Q: What happens when a ball bounces at a height over the head and you play it?
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What happens if a ball bounces and goes over the head of a batsman and batsman plays that ball?

the ball is given a no ball

Does cricket ball have to bounce when bowled?

The ball doesn't have to bounce, but if it passes the batsman above the waist before it bounces then it will be a no-ball. If it hits the ground, then bounces over head height, it will be allowed once per over. any more head height bouncers will be classed as wides.

How long do you have to pump a basketball?

its not how long you have to pump it, its how the ball bounces. its a good ball if you drop it from your head and it bounces at least to your hip

What happens if a baseball bounces off the outfeilder into the stands?

If in fair territory it is a Home Run. This happened to Jose Canseco in a Yankees game. The ball hit him in the head and bounced into the stands for a HR.

What is a header in soccer?

this is when the soccer ball bounces off the head of someone else... not necessarily someone on your team.

How can i test if my soccer ball is pumped up enough?

check if it bounces, if not its flat! hope I helped second answer: If you put pressure on it with your feet or fingers, the ball should give in a little, but not much. Another way you can test it is if you raise the ball to your head, then drop it on firm grass, the ball should bounce back up around half your height.

Why does a ball held above your head have more potential energy than a ball held at your waist?

The ball held over your head has more height, so it has more potential energy.

When playing arc ball softball batter fouls ball to catcher must ball go certain height for batter to be out?

It has to go above the batter's head.

What happens when the ball hits the helmet of a batsman?

If the helmet is on the batsmens head nothing will happen

How many balls are bouled an over?

6 Balls Are bowled an over but if there is a no ball (either whole foot is infront of the line, if it is over the head), a dead ball (Bounces twice) or a wide (Professional game only) counts as a re-Bowl.

What is heading a football?

It means to propel the ball with the head. This is done when the ball is too high to be reached with a foot or leg. The ball is watched carefully and struck with the forehead and a skilled player can get quite a lot of control of the direction and speed. The player might also head the ball after having jumped to reach it. A diving header is used when the ball is ahead of the player and below head height.

What happens if the soccer ball hits someone?

depends where it hits them, in the leg, who cares, in the head, your in trouble :)

In pool after you pot a cue can you hit a ball behind the head line?

the way i learned is the line that u put the cue behind (idk if that's the head line or not) u cant hit anything behind that unless u hit it to the othe end it bounces back and hits it but u cant aim right at the ball

What happens in hoot when roy runs onto the golf course?

He gets hit in the head with a golf ball

What is it called when you kick or head the ball toward the goal?

a head ball???

How do you do overhead on fifa 09?

with your back to the goal wait for the ball to come just in front of you at just above head height then press shoot

What is heading in soccer?

"Heading" or "header" or to "head the ball" is to play the ball with the head.

What is a heading in soccer?

"Heading" or "header" or to "head the ball" is to play the ball with the head.

Why does a ball bounce back upon a falling?

Because when it falls with a speed of let's say 10 mph, It hits the ground, and upon impact the ground takes the kinetic force/momentum/scientific thingamabob and returns it with the same force, and that causes the ball to bounce back. Like if you hit your head off a wall, it hurts because the wall bounces back the force that you hit your head off with back to your head.

How is a ball called in or out when hit down the line?

If the ball hits any part of the line, it is a fair ball, and is not called. The umpire is supposed to stay silent. If the ball lands outside of the line in foul territory, the umpire puts their hands about their head ans says foul. If a ball bounces in fair territory, but leaves fair territory before is passes a base, it is a foul ball. If the ball bounce in fair territory, but it goes foul after passing a base, then is it still considered a fair ball.

What happens if you eat a jelly ball?

If you eat a jelly ball you will feel like doing nothing or you head hurts or your body there can be some parts of your body that can hurt you but yeah its not good for you.

How high can you have your stix?

A player should not raise their stick above another player's head, and shouldn't (attempt to) play the ball above shoulder height.

What is a ball connector on a shower head?

The ball connector is what the shower head rotates on to point the shower head in different directions

How does newton's third law apply to soccer?

Newton's third law effects soccer because when you head the ball the ball exerts the same amount of force on your head as your head does the ball.

What happens if hot sauce touches your ball sack?

Not a whole lot, get it on your head though... And I can almost certainly say you'll be in tears.