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If you hit your first ball (1 off the tee) say you think you have lost it in the tree etc or out of bounds you hit your provisonal (3 off the tee), if you now have hit this ball out of bounds you play another provisonal (5 off the tee, your next shot will be 6). If you are playing a stroke play competition, unless you are going to NR you will have to keep going till you get one in play and complete the hole. If you are playing a stableford competition you would simply ding the hole and move on.

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Q: What happens in golf when you hit the provisional ball out of bounds?
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In golf can an out of bounds post be moved to play your ball that is not out of bounds?

No, not in golf

What happens in golf if your ball goes out of bounds?

A one-stroke penalty is given, and the ball must be played from the previous spot before the ball was hit out of bounds.

Golf ball on out-of-bounds line?


What happens when you hit a golf ball out of bounds?

There may be some local variations to speed play, but generally the penalty is "stroke and distance." This means that you add a penalty stroke to your score and hit the ball again from where the original ball was struck. The player has the option of hitting a provisional ball as well.

What is the rule if a ball touches the out of bounds line in golf?

If the ball finishes in bounds, there is no penalty, even if the ball travels out of bounds and somehow moves back in bounds. If the ball finishes on the out of bounds line (which is usually marked by white posts, or a fence) , it is deemed to be out of bounds, and you must replay your previous shot. You still have to count the out-of-bounds shot in your score, and there is also a one stroke penalty for hitting the ball out of bounds.

In golf what is the penalty for hitting your ball out of bounds?

It's a one stroke penalty.

What happens in a game of golf when you lose the first ball you hit and then find it after you've hit a drop provisional?

You hit a provisional when the ball you just hit might be lost outside of a hazard. Usually that means you think you have hit it out of bounds or into some sort of mess where it's unlikely that you will find it. Hitting a provisional means that you are taking stroke and distance IF you don't find your first ball. If you find your first ball anywhere in play (whether or not you like where it is or even if it's unplayable) before you hit your provisional after reaching where the ball is likely to be, then the provisional is cancelled and you continue with your first ball, just as though you never hit the provisional. Once you've reached the point where your ball probably is and hit the provisional again, you're stuck with the provisional and the stroke and distance penalty that you took. This is covered in Rule 27-2, see There are many interesting decisions related to this one, mostly about what constitutes a "lost" ball.

What is an ob in golf?

This stands for out of bounds. It is an area of the golf course or off the golf course which is not in play. If you hit your ball out of bounds, you cannot play your next shot from there, you must re-hit your shot from the place you originally played from. There is a one shot penalty for hitting out of bounds.

What happens when you swallow a golf ball?

you die

What happens to a golf ball when its cold?

Can you tee up a golf ball twice in one hole?

Only if you are playing from the teeing area. If you hit the ball out of bounds or lost a ball you may re-tee the ball.

What happens if you freeze a golf ball?

It gets cold

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