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It would be a tie game or draw.

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Q: What happens in a game of checkers when neither side can move?
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Can you tie in a game of checkers?

Actually yes. you can if neither player can move.

How many choices do you have on your first move in a game of checkers?

The players have seven choices for their first move in checkers. Only four of the pieces can move at the start of the game.

What are the objectives in playing dama?

The game of Dama uses checkers and the checkerboard. The objective of the game is to either secure all of the opponent's checkers or to block them from making another move.

How do you move a king in checkers?

In the game of checkers, a kinged pawn may be moved like a normal pawn, but can move in any direction, forwards or backwards, side to side, as long as the move is diagonal. ----InfoMac

What is a checkers move?

A checkers move is any one square diagonal move of a checker piece. Hope this helps.

Can You Move Foward In Checkers?

no in checkers you can only move diagnolly, but you have to move diagnally forward unless you are a king if that was your Q.

How do you win a chinese checkers game?

Chinese checkers is a hard game to win but it is easy to play. You must move all of your pegs from your point of the star to your opponents point of the star. Strategy is the key to winning the game. If you know your opponent well, you might win easier if you know how he thinks and how he will move.

Can you move backwards in checkers?

Only a king can move in any direction in checkers. All other pieces can only move forward.

Is a move in checkers a translation?

no its not

Can you move side ways in checkers?


How many choices do you have on your first move in checkers or chess?

In Chess, 10 In checkers, 6