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Because it's against the rules.

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Q: In Chess why can't You castle when the King is in check if the King is safe after the move?
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Can the king castle to escape check?

no he also cant move into check via castle

Do you have to say check mate in chess?

if you cant move when your the king then yes and yes

What happens when a king cant move in chess?

If one player's king cannot move in chess and is in check, that player has been checkmated and has lost the game. If that player is not in check, that player has been stalemated and the game is a draw.

Can you checkmate someone in chess with your king?

if you only have a king left to move you cant checkmate because to take the other king you have to be one square from the other king in order to take it but you cant put yourself in check as a single king. So the best you can do at that point is get a stailmate. (a draw or a tie). You can if you have a king, queen, and rook.

Checkmate and stalemate associate in which game?

Chess, checkmate is when you have someone in check and they cant get out of it, and stalemate is when a player cant move his peices

Can a queen take a queen in the game of chess?

Yes, any piece can take any other piece. ------------------- Actually - a King cant take a King because to get within one square the king would be putting himself in "check"

With which game would you associate with the terms checkmate?

Chess, if you get someone in check and they cant get out is called " checkmate "

Which game has the terms checkmate and stalemate?

The game of chess uses those terms. Chess does checkmate means your in check and you cant get out and stalemate means you have no where you can move

How can you cheat on chess?

you cant

Hi do you eat chess?

was-sup peeps i know you cant eat plastic and stuff so why eat chess? so my answer is no you cant eat chess

What do people say at the endof a chess game?

they would say checkmate if the king is trapped and cant get out that usually wins the game

Can the king move when he is in check?

Yes as long as he isn't in checkmate or he cant move into another check.

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