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It is ruled a stolen base

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Q: What happens if the third basemen steps onto the base with the ball rather than tagging runners who avoided colliding with him and touched the base where Runner from 2nd base which is NOT a force play?
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Does a runner have to tag up to advance if an outfielder juggles the flyball?

Once the ball is first touched on the fly by a player, runners can begin to advance. For example, if a line drive caroms off the glove of the second basemen and flies out to the right fielder who catches it on the fly, runners would only have to tag up until the ball hit the second basemen's glove.

In softball if there are no runners on the base why would the coach tell you to hit to the third base area?

Because it is a longer throw from third to first and the first basemen is more likely to miss the ball

If a baseball gets stuck in the runners shirt due to a tag attempt what happens?

your out

What happens to a pitcher if a bok is called on them?

If a "Balk" is called, all runners on base advance to the next base.

What happens if it rains on the day of the Boston Marathon?

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2over9 runners are women and there are 990 runners how many are women runners?

220 out of 990 runners are women.

What is the sentence of runners?

The possessive form of the plural noun runners is runners'.example: The runners' times are logged into the database.

Is runners adverb?

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What happens to runners when a pop-up is caught in foul territory and the fielder runs into the out of play area?

If the fielder falls into the stands or the dugout after catching the foul, the ball is dead and runners are awarded base from the base they occupied at the time of the pitch.

A batter hits a fair ball on the line to third baseman the ball does not touch the ground but carems off his glove in to the stands is it a home run?

No, it wouldn't be a Homerun since the 3rd basemen is typically stationed in the infield or at the most, on the outfield grass that's just a couple inches from the infield dirt. A Homerun has to go over the Outfield fence in order to be a Homerun while in fair territory, a third basemen wouldn't be close enough to the fence to let that happen. However in the event it ever did, it wouldn't be a Homerun, it would be ruled as a Ground Rule Double which means the batter is allowed to get a double and any runners that were on base if they were any runners on base would be allowed to advance 2 bases only.

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