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Its stepping and the other team gets a free pass.

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Q: What happens if a player runs with the ball in netball?
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When a basketball player runs with the ball and does not dribble?

When a basketball player runs with the ball with out dribbling, they are traveling which is against the rules.

3 violations in basketball?

Charging occurs when one player runs into another. Traveling happens when a player walks with the ball. Goal tending occurs when a player interferes with the downward arc of the ball toward the basket.

What happens if a goalie runs out of the goal box with the ball in his hands?

It is a hand ball

A player who often runs with the ball?

A quarterback.

What happens if a player with the ball runs into the oppositions end zone?

If the ball is ran to the opposite goal and the player is downed in the end zone it is considered a safety and the opposing team receives 2 points as well as a free kick.

What is the term where a player runs with the ball without dribbling?


What do you call the player who most often runs with the ball?

A quarterback.

What are some netball tatics?

one netball tactic is for at the centre pass the WA runs out and catches the ball and throws it down to the GA who is Just outside the ring GA passes to Gs and GS shoots. Another tactic is when your defence has the ball up the other end line up down the centre and each run a different way. Another is your GD runs out and gets the centre pass then your GA runs into the ring and GS runs out and receives the ball throwing it to the GA in the ring. These won't work if you don't do them quick enough

Who was the first player to score 12 runs on one ball?


Explain off side in a football game?

This happens when when a defensive player runs across the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped. The offensive line can not flinch to make the defensive player run offsides.

Which player score 50 runs in minimum ball in 20-20 cricket?

yuvaraj sing 12 ball 50 runs againest England

What is a good netball set play for goal attack?

at center WA runs out and receives ball and then GS runs and receives the ball from WA and then the GS passes it off to the C or WA again. by this time the GA should have sprinted into the circle which the GS left open for her.

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