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Nothing, the penalty is not carried over to the next game (if that's what you're wondering).

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Q: What happens if a hockey player is still in the penalty box when the game is over?
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In ice hockey i is a delayed penalty entered on the scoresheet against the player?

Yes it is because it is still a single person penalty.

Can kids in hockey fight?

Fighting is not legal in hockey, however it still happens, but usually not until bantam and highschool. IF a player injures another player in a fight, they receive a match penalty which is a 5 minute major and a 1 game suspension

In Ice Hockey is there any time when a penalty is called but a goal is scored before the whistle is blown that the penalty is still served by the player?

if the penalty was a double minor, a major, misconduct, or if there were two penalties on the same player in the same play.

In football if you do a penalty but you still made the catch what happens?

It depends on who made the penalty.

Is Marian Gaborik still the fastest ice hockey player in the world?

yes gaborik is still the fastest hockey player

In hockey if a team scores with a delayed penalty and they are short handed is the penalty still assessed?

No, the delayed call is waived, but the current penalty being served remains enforced.

What usually happens when a hockey goalkeeper gets a 2 minute penalty?

the other team normally scores. This doesn't happen hardly ever though ---- Another player will serve the penality allowing the goalkeeper to stay in the game. The team will still be short one player for two minutes.

In hockey what is a front liner?

A front liner in hockey is a player who still has his front teeth.

Who is the greatest hockey player still playing?

Alexander Ovechkin

In hockey if delayed penalty call and other team scores is there still penalty?

No. If the team who would've gone on the power play scores before the "penalized" team touches the puck, the penalty is nullified. On the other end, as soon as the "penalized" team touches the puck, play is stopped and the penalized player is sent to the penalty box. Sometimes, however, play is stopped as soon as the penalty is committed. An example may be if a player slashes another and breaks his opponent's stick.

How fast can a hockey goalie be?

A hockey goalie can be very fast. Not as fast as a player but still fast in a different way.

Can a football player that steps out of bounds still field the ball?

no, in fact they have a penalty for that

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