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yes gaborik is still the fastest hockey player

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Q: Is Marian Gaborik still the fastest ice hockey player in the world?
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Who is the worlds fastest hockey player?

Marian Gaborik from Slovakia (Minnesota Wild) bebcause in the 2003 all star game gaborik went around the rink in 13 seconds!

How tall is Marian Gaborik?

NHL player Marian Gaborik is 6'-01''.

Where was Marian Gaborik born?

Marian Gaborik, the Slovak professional ice hockey player, position right wing, was born on February 14, 1982. He was born in the Czechoslovakian city of Trencin.

Does Marian Gaborik shoot right or left?

NHL player Marian Gaborik shoots left.

How much does Marian Gaborik weigh?

NHL player Marian Gaborik weighs 204 pounds.

What are some accomplishments of Marian Gaborik?

31 year old Marian Gabrik is a famous ice hockey player who has made his name with several achievements in the ice hockey world. Currently Marian is playing for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Marian has worked his way up the ranks with his skillful ice hockey playing and at one point played for the New York Rangers.

Was Marian Gaborik the first Wild player?

No. Since the expansion draft was held one day before the Entry draft the first player the wild had rights to was Goalie Jamie Mclennen

What hockey team does Marian Hossa play for?

The 34 year old Slovak professional hockey player, Marian Hossa became the 85th player in the NHL to score 400 career goals. Marian Hossa currently plays for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Who is the fastest American hockey player?

Zach parise

Who is the fastest hockey player?

Alex Ovechkin or Sidney Crosby, you pick.

Fastest speed for NHL hockey player?

The fastest speed in the NHL is obtained by bobby hull and I don't know how fast it was.

What is name of ice hockey player's?

Ilya Kovalchuk Sidney Crosby Marian Hossa Chris Ossgood and Niklas Backstrom

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