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Q: What happens if a batter steps on home plat during a bat?
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Is a batter out after hitting a foul ball then steps on home plate using high school rules?


If a batter steps on home plate to avoid being hit by a pitch is the pitch a strike?

One Answer:Before the hit yes. After no. the home plate is in fair territory between the batters box and first base so it is often stepped on, however the batter must hit the ball while inside the batters box. Correct Answer:There is no rule in MLB prohibiting a batter from stepping on home plate.

What happens if a hitter hits a home run but steps on home plate?

That is what you are supposed to do- step on home plate to get the credit for the home run. You have to touch all of the bases aftet you hit the home run.

What is a batters box in softball?

It is two 7 feet by 3 feet boxes (one on each side of home plate) that the batter must stand in to attempt to hit a pitched ball.

If a batter stands close to home plate when batting is he an inside batter or an outside batter?


How do you use a batter in a sentence?

She was afraid he would batter her when he got angry. She stirred the cake batter until it was smooth. The batter hit a home run.

If a batter digs in at home plate what type of challenge is it to the pitcher?

Pitch close to the batter.

Is the batter out if he steps on home plate after he hits the ball?

No. Home plate is considered fair territory and is treated as any other part of the field. However, if the batter is stepping on home while making contact with the ball, he is out for having touched the ball in fair territory. ---------- The above is not necessarily true. The rule says if the batter has all of one or both feet out of the batter's box when making contact with the pitch, he's out. But it's certainly possible for a batter's toe to be on the plate while his heel is on the inside line of the batter's box, and he would be legal. Next time you watch a Major League game, look for the inside line of the batter's box. In most ballparks, they don't chalk the inside line. Why? Because then it's up to the umpire to decide if, in his judgment, the batter's entire foot was out of the batter's box when he made contact with the pitch. It makes for fewer discussions with the Managers. And by the way, if the entire foot is out of the batter's box, and the batter makes contact with the pitch, he's out, whether he hits the ball fair or foul.

When does a grand slam home run happens?

A grand slam is only possible when a player hits a home run while the bases are loaded (runners on 1st, 2nd, & 3rd base at the same time). This results in 4 runs for the batter's team.

How can a team have 3 triples 1 double 2 singles and 2 stolen bases in one half inning without scoring any runs?

1st batter hits a ball to the outfield and is out at home trying to score. 2nd batter does the same thing. 3rd batter hits a double, 4th batter hits an infield single but the man on second is held at 2nd base, With 5th batter at bat the men on base pull off a double steal advancing to 2nd and 3rd base. the 5th batter also hits an infield single and the runners hold. Bases loaded. The 6th batter hits a long ball to the outfield, men on base advance toward home but in the jubulation they fail to touch home and await the 6th batter,who touches 3rd base and steps on home plate before the other base runners do and in then called out for passing the runners on the base. He is created with a triple and called out. 3 outs and the 1/2 inning is over.

What happens after the loisels arrive home from the party?

what happens after the loisel arrive home from the party

What does the term home run mean?

Ball is hit over the outfield fence, or batter runs through the bases without an error by the defensive team and reaches home safely.