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then the ball it the players hand on the swing silly and why would you want to know about that just go and do it and see what happens hoped that helped you alot.

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Q: What happens if a ball hits the players hand on a swing?
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What happens if you swing at a pitch and it hits off your hand and then your bat is it a foul ball?

If the ball hits any part of your person, in the course of a swing, it is considered a strike. If it hits the bat after hitting your hand, it is a foul ball.

What happens if 2 players have a ball in their hand in basketball?

the refferee calls a jump ball

What is forehand swing?

A forehand is when you swing towards the ball with your dominant hand.

How do you hold the ball to get it to swing?

hold the ball with hand like a normal fas ball and the seam vertical

What is the difference between swing ball and spin ball?

I believe that spin is exerted on to the ball by the hand, swing is how the ball moves in the air and turn is what the ball does off the pitch. If you're asking about cricket.

Are you allowed to snatch or hit the ball out of the players hand IN NETBALL?


Where is waldo in the great ball game players?

he is on the right hand page. behind 2 players running towards a person with a rugby ball.( round about the center of the right hand page)

What if the bat and hand hit the ball at the same time?

If a batter is swinging and a pitch hits their hand while swinging then it would be no different then the ball hitting the bat. On a swing the hand is an extension of the bat

What is a knock in rugby league?

When the ball drops FORWARD from a players hand.

In football is it legal to kick the ball out of a players hand?

Yes, that is a fumble.

What happens if a goalie runs out of the goal box with the ball in his hands?

It is a hand ball

If a pitch hits the batters hand but the batter does not swing is it a strike?

If the batter does not swing at the ball and it hits him in the hand, it is not a strike and the player is able to walk to first base. If a batter is hit with a ball and the batter did nothing to place himself in front of the ball to make himself be hit, he is able to walk to first base.

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