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He lost a buried alive match to Kane.

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Q: What happened to the undertaker at bragging rights?
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What happens to undertaker after bragging rights?

Kane berried him at bragging rights

Is undertaker dead after bragging rights?


Did Undertaker defeat Kane at Bragging Rights 2010?


Will Undertaker defeat Kane at bragging rights?


Who won undertaker vs Kane bragging rights?


Is undertaker going to beat Kane at bragging rights?

No,he lost.

Did Undertaker finally beat Kane at Bragging Rights 2010?


Is The Undertaker really dead at bragging rights?

no the undertaker is not dead wwe is not real`only fake

Will the undertaker face Kane at bragging rights 2010?

Yes he did and he lost.

When will undertaker return in 2010 after bragging rights?

It won't be until 2011.

Was undertaker buried by Kane?

yes at bragging rights 2010, the nexus helped Kane bury the undertaker into the ground.

Will undertaker return after bragging rights?

noo he wont bcoz of suffocation under the grave