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Russian sport evoulation should be killed

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Q: What happened during the Russian sport evolution?
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Is Russian roulette a sport?

No. Russian roulette is a game of chance.

What is the main Russian sport?

Roulette, hence the name Russian Roulette.

Soccer is to sport as russian is to?

I would have to say that soccer is to sport as Russia is to the world.

Main sport of russia?

Bandy. A sense of Russian Hockey.

What is the national sport of Rassia?

The only comparatively popular and peculiarly Russian type of sport that I can think of is Gorodki

What major sport event happened during World War 2?

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When did Pro Sport Hockey happen?

Pro Sport Hockey happened in 1993.

What is the evolution of swimming?

Swimming became a competitive sport in the early 1800s.Now swimming is the third most watched sport in the Olympic games.

If you're a coach and get a T while your team is on D what sport is that and what happened?

If you're a coach and get a T while your team is on D what sport is that and what happened?

What happened in 2006 that is sport related?

Commenwealth Games

What is most violent sport in the world?

Russian Roulette because if you lose then you apparently die

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The sport of golf is played in the LPGA.

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football was the most sport played then

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What months do you play the sport soccer

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OVER 9000!

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By the most notable contributor to the evolution of the sport would had to have been the late Doc Councilman.

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There is no sport to keep athletes keep fit during winter.

Why sport players are at risk of injury during sport?

if you are a sportsman,you always have a risk of injury,are you

What sport event happened in the year 1997?

The WNBA made its debut.

If your a coach and get a T while you team is on D what sport is that and what happened?


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Euro 2000

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by falling