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After Lenin seized control, he wanted to eliminate other political party rivals in Russia. He did this by starting a civil war in which he formed and led the Red Army. Then, after that, he formed Communist International to start revolution in the rest of the world (in order to create more communism).

Also, his Dictatorship caused the U.S. anxiety. During the Russian Civil war they supported the Whites (which were the non-communist political parties that existed in Russia at the time) because they feared that Lenin would try to spread communism elsewhere outside of Russia. Annnddd, he did.. as we now know.

His dictatorship also caused the Red Scare hysteria in the U.S.

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Q: What happened after Lenin seized control of Russia?
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What did russia do after lenin seized control in 1971?

After Vladimir Lenin seized control of Russia in 1917, the nation turned to communist values. The government took all the land from private ownership and put it work as a government entity.

Who was the leader who seized Russia during World War I?

Vladimir Lenin seized control of Russia during World War 1 after the October Revolution. When Tsar Nicholas II abdicated and power went to the Provisional Government, neither of its leaders "seized" control of Russia. It was given to them because no one else wanted it.

What military group had seized control of Russia at the end of the Russian Civil War?

The Bolsheviks.

What happened after the government was overthrown in Russia?

Lenin took control making the Communist party.

What happened to control of Russia after the death of Lenin?

Control of Russia passed to Joseph Stalin, Lev Kamenev and Gregory Zinoviev acting together. Gradually, Stalin ousted the others and took complete control by 1929.

What revolutionary group took control of Russia's government in 1917?

The Bolsheviks or Russian Democratic Workers Party seized control of the Russian government in November 1917. Vladimir I. Lenin was the leader of this party.

How does Lenin justify his control of Russia?

He didn't.

Did Stalin or Lenin have more control?

At first, lenin... then lenin died and Stalin screwed with the succession and seized power.

What happened after lenin was returned to russia?

After Lenin was returned to Russia he played a role in orchestrating the October Revolution. He returned to Russia in 1917 after the Tsar was ousted.

Who won control of Russia the Bolsheviks or Mensheviks?

The Bolsheviks under Vladimir Lenin won control of Russia.

What happened in russia in 1918?

The Russian Empire fell and Vladamir Lenin took control of it which lead to the birth of the Union of Soviet Socialists Republic.

When Lenin took control what promises did he make?

Lenin promised to get Russia out of World War 1