What ground is the biggest in the barcalys premier league?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Old Trafford

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Q: What ground is the biggest in the barcalys premier league?
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What is the league below the barcalys premier league english football?

The Npower Championship is the league below the Premier League. 2 leagues below is the Npower League 1.

What is the premier league?

it is a biggest english league of football where different club participate.

Does Wayne Rooney really have the biggest biceps in the premier league?


What is Liverpool biggest home defeat in premier league?

19.04.19300 - 6Sunderland

What is Manchester city's biggest rival in the premier league?

SCOTLAND obviously....

Which premier league team covers most ground?

Manchester United

Biggest score in premier league?

Portsmouth 7-4 Reading, Sept 2007

Home ground of deccan chargers in Indian premier league?

D.Y.Patil Stadium

Why is premier league called premier league?

The Premier League used to be called the Football League First Division but in 1992 the teams in the Premier League branched off from this championship. There is really no reason that the Premier League is called the Premier League other than Premier meaning good and needing to incorporate "League" in the name. Note that at the moment the Premier League is called the Barclays Premier League because of sponsorship (Barclays being the bank.)

Who is manager o fbarclays premier league?

there is no manager of the barclays premier league or the fbarclays premier league.

Barclay premier league and Malaysia league?

barclay premier league

Who were the Scottish Premier League winners In 1959?

Rangers were the winners of the Scottish Premier League in 1900.