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Sam Snead

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Q: What golfer teed up a golf ball and hit the scoreboard at Wrigley Field?
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How many times has the scoreboard at Wrigley Field been hit with a batted ball?

Never been hit by a batted baseball.

Has the Wrigley Field score board ever been hit by fly ball?

Nope. Clemente almost did. The closest I have ever see was Sosa's Home Run that hit the Camera Booth in center field and that ball was at least 30 feet from the Scoreboard. Although no batted baseball has ever been hit from homeplate off of the center field scoreboard, it is not true that NO ball has ever accomplished that feat. Sam Snead, of professional golfing fame, accomplished it by driving a golfball off a tee at homeplate in 1951, which struck the scoreboard.

What year did mark grace hit the ball out of the park?

What year did mark grace hit the ball out of the park at wrigley field

What MLB player hit a home run ball on a rooftop at Wrigley Field?

GlenAllen Hill

When did John Ball - golfer - die?

John Ball - golfer - died on 1940-12-02.

When was John Ball - golfer - born?

John Ball - golfer - was born on 1861-12-24.

Why is the Ivy at Wrigley Field not centered?

It might be so that the batters don't lose their vision of the ball after it is thrown by the pitcher.

What major league ballpark has a tradion of throwing back a home run ball?

Wrigley Field....Home of the Chicago Cubs.

Where can a fourteen year old work in Long Grove Chicago Illinois 60047?

Try the ball parks: Wrigley Field (Cubs), or U.S. Cellular Field (Sox).

In tennis when the ball hits the scoreboard but lands in the correct box is it a point?


Who caught Barry Bonds 752nd home run ball?

39-year-old Dave Davison retrieved the ball on Sheffield Avenue past the right field wall near Wrigley Field on July 19th, 2007.

What does it mean for a golfer to trap the ball?

If a golfer traps the ball, this means the player hits the ball with a downward strike, pinching the ball between the club and the ground, hence the phrase, trapping the ball, glad I could be of assistance to you :)

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