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A football!

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Q: What goes farther a soccer ball or a football?
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What goes farther a football being thrown or a soccer ball being kicked?

Football being thrown

What size soccer ball goes farther?

it depends on the pressure

What is parabolic path?

a parabolic path is a path that a ball such as a football or a soccer ball follows when it is kicked, so basically it is a curved path that a projectile goes

Which was invented first football or rugby?

Soccer, the story goes that rugby was invented when a boy playing soccer became bored by the rules and took up the ball.

When is the ball in or out of bounds in soccer?

In professional soccer when the ball goes outside of the lines it is out of bounds.

Air pressure effect on soccer ball?

Actually, Recent studys have shown the lower the pressure the farther it goes, But the higher the pressure the better the bounce.

How much farther does a well thrown football go than a wobbly one?

a spiraled ball goes farther becuase its spiraled motion flows through the air and a wobbly pass does not.

What sports start with a push back?

it depends because American football has hike but football(soccer) in the kickoff the ball has to go back before it goes forward

Which soccer ball goes farther the cold or the hot ball?

A hot ball would travel farther, assuming the same volume of air is within both. This is because the warm air would expand, creating pressure within the ball. The more firm the ball is, the less force it absorbs on impact, which causes the energy to be converted into momentum.

Which football goes farther a glow-in-the-dark or a leather?

Leather -__-

Was a soccer ball crossed with a football invented?

well the story goes that, when William Web Ellis picked up the soccer ball at the school of rugby in England in the 1824 and started to run with it, the head teacher said to him "if you pick up that ball again I'm going to shove that ball where the sun don't shine. Being a rebel as he was William did pick up that soccer ball again and what happened next is how that football took it's shape.

What temperature does a soccer ball goes the farthest?


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