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Q: What game uses the term of ibw?
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How do you calculate percent IBW?

Please give me the formula on how to calculate % IBW. Thank you

What game uses the term fault?


With Which sport is the term silly point associated?

The game Cricket uses the term Silly Point.

In cricket what do the letters ibw stand for?

I Buy Wee

What is the full form of ibw?

International Business Wales

What sport uses term cue?

Table games such as billiards or snooker.

What is the ideal weight for a 49 year old woman who is 5'7''?

Hello! Below I have added the link to a website that will calculate your Ideal Body Weight (IBW). You need to add in your information (weight, height, age) and it will calculate your IBW. Hope this was helpful.

When do you use adjusted body weight in calorie calculations?

when %IBW is greater than 120% or less than 75%

What is depenence?

Alcohol dependence is the term that DSM-IV uses to identify alcoholism (a term that it no longer uses).

Which game is the word shot related to?

Almost all sports use the word "shot" in them. For instance, in basketball, releasing the ball towards the basket is called a shot. In soccer, kicking the ball towards the goal is a shot. Badminton uses the the term as shot, Drive Shot and Smash Shot. Hockey uses that term as well as slap-shot, Trap and Skeet also uses that term for the lead pellets discharged from the shotgun.

What country uses the term scallion which means spring onions?

Jamaica uses the term scallions to describe spring onions.

What game uses crosses?

There is a beanbag game that uses a cross and circles. It is called "Toss-a-Cross".