What is the game that uses gymnastics?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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gymnastics IS a game!!!!

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Q: What is the game that uses gymnastics?
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How are rhythymic gymnastics and gymnastics the same?

No rhythmic gymnastics uses balls ,hoops and ribbons only on floor normal gymnastics is movements on floor vault beam and bars

What sport uses flexibility?

In gymnastics you need to use flexibility.

Is gymnastics considered a game?


What sport uses a horse and balance beam?


What is a game that uses gymnastics?

At school, during recess, we always do little talent shows. (and I'm 14...) We start very basic and then add difficulty. Whoever can do the most wins the game. I guess its not really a game, but it will suffice.

Which is the national game of nadia comaneci?


What is the objecitive of the game gymnastics?

Gymnastics is more of a competition than a game. The objective is to have the best, most difficult routine, execute it the best, and beat your opponent

What leg does jordin wieber use in gymnastics?

She uses her right leg

Are there any gymnastics game?

there is only 1 gym game i found on here ? :'(

Name a sport that uses artistic abilities?

Gymnastics, especially the "floor routine"

What sport uses an iron cross manuver?

men's gymnastics--still rings

What country did gymnastics come from?

because the pruyminastar said to have a game