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Q: What game is similar to basketball but has a soccer-type net?
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What does netball stand for?

It is a game similar to Basketball , in which a ball has to be put into a net and collect points.

What is the difference between a basketball game and a net ball game?

net ball doesnt have a net

What is a basketball net?

a game in which two teams of five players each compete to throw a ball through a hoop.

After winning a college championship basketball game players typically cut what?


What is the purpose of a basketball?

Throw it into a BASKET (net) of course! its a game play object.

What sports make up volleyball?

The major actions in the game resemble both the rules of tennis and the teamwork of basketball and soccer. The ball is similar to soccer, though using the hands as in basketball. The net is similar to badminton, or more widely to tennis, with which it shares beginning service from the rear line. It could be described as "handball soccer tennis badminton."

Why do they call the net in basketball a basket?

When basketball was first made it was used for a gym game and they put baskets on top of poles, that is where the name came from.

A game with a net?

You must be really dumb! You probably don't even watch basketball! *sighs*

What two game characteristics was volleyball invented from?

Net from tennis Cues from basketball, baseball, and handball

What is under ring in basketball game?

That would be a net, something standard on all basketball hoops. Some people prefer to use chains instead.

Do kids like little tykes basketball?

Many children love little tykes basketball. The size of the basketball and the height of the net makes the game for children more fun and less discouraged.

What are the structure of basketball?

The basketball net and the hard court