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In 2004 at the RCA Dome against the Chargers

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โˆ™ 2010-01-21 23:05:18
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Q: What game did Peyton Manning throw his 49 touch down pass?
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How many touch down passes has Peyton manning thrown?

Peyton Manning has thrown a total of 530 touchdown passes in his 17 seasons. This passes Brett Favres original record of 507 touchdown passes.

Who is better Eli Manning or Peyton Manning?

Peyton. Better arm and recievers. The down side to this is Dallas Clark is hurt and out for the season.

Why is Peyton Manning called the sheriff?

According to Jon Gruden, who coined the term, it's because Peyton Manning goes into other teams' stadiums and lays down the law.

How many touch down passes does Peyton Manning have for 2009?

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback threw 33 touchdown passes during his fourth season as the NFL's Most Valuable Player.

Use the word ultimately in a sentence?

Ultimately, their defeat came down to their inability to stop Peyton Manning.

Who is the best quarter back in football?

for now Peyton manning. No argument there. Peyton Manning, hands down. Tom Brady's close. It's been unanswered debate... but a debate that only Tom Brady fans fight to sustain.

Has Peyton Manning recevied new contract?

he had many new contracts for other teams but always turned them down.

How the saints won the Super Bowl by a kick off or a touch down?

They won on a touchdown by quarterback Drew Brees, a touchdown off a Peyton Manning interception returned by Tracy Porter, and by a last-minute goalline stand.

Which team do you think will win 2010 super bowl?

The Superbowl will come down to the Vikings and Brett Farve vs. the Colts and Peyton Manning.

Does Peyton Manning own a restaurant?

I think he is a partner in a restaurant called max and izzys. It is beside St Elmos in down town Indy

Who is the most popular football player in the NFL?

Peyton Manning NO Way--my man Ray Lewis shuts down his sorry behind every time...

How did Peyton Manning get injured in 2011?

Washington redskins game OL lineman brought him down by the top of his helmet pulling his head back as far as possible in slow mo one can really tell just how painful it was for manning, but he shook it off an went on to win the game.

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