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A Technical Foul

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Q: What foul can be called on a player for bad conduct in basketball?
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What kind of foul can be called on a player in basketball with bad conduct?

Technical Foul

Kinds of fouls in basketball?

Blocking foulCharging foul (also called offensive foul)Reach-in foulTechnical foul (only given out if the player is acting out of conduct)Loose-ball foul (also called "Over the back foul")

What type of foul can be called on a player for bad conduct?

unsportsmanlike conduct

What is it called when a player trips another player in basketball?

A foul.

This type of foul can be called on a player for bad conduct?


What is the foul called when a player is kicked out of the basketball game?


When an offensive foul that's committed when a player pushes or runs over a defensive player in basketball is called what?

charging foul

What is a basketball foul in the act of shooting?

It is called a shooting foul when a defender contacts a player in the act of shooting.

What is tripping in basketball called?

Tripping is when a player interacts with the other player and trip the player with the ball. And then the foul will be called.

What is an unsportsmanlike conduct foul called?

Technical Foul

What is charge in basketball?

it is also called an offensive foul. when the offensive player commits foul to the defensive player while in the act of shooting or penetrating the paint.

What is the offensive foul where a player runs into a defender in basketball?

It's called an Offensive Charge.

When timeout is called in basketball?


What is a offensiven foul in basketball?

When a player on the team with the ball commits a foul

What is it called when an offensive player runs into the defensive player who is still moving in the game of basketball?

That would be a blocking foul.

What is the foul called when you run into someone in basketball?

Charging - When an offensive player runs into a defender who has established position.

Is there a sentence with the word invidious?

The basketball player's display of temper and invidiouscomments after his third personal foul resulted in his being called for a technical foul also.

Is it a technical foul if defensive players touches the basketball while inn the hands of the offensive player?

uhm no!!!!!!!! its called playing basketball! that's what your suppose to do. as long as they don't hit the person while trying to get the basketball then its not even a foul

When a player gets a foul in basketball does that mean they did something wrong?

In Basketball, a foul, is a penalty for doing something against the rules of the game.

What is meant by a disqualifying foul in basketball?

A disqualifying foul is one that causes the player to be ejected from the game.

What happens after a foul in basketball?

What happens after a foul in basketball

What is a Intentional foul basketball?

It means the player intentionally fouled the other player.

What is a holding foul in basketball?

A holding foul is called every time a player uses his hands to interfere with the opponentโ€™s freedom of movement. It is also a holding foul if you purposely step on an opponentโ€™s feet.

In basketball why can't ypu hit a person and it be called a foul what happen when the other person hits you and you don't have the ball and they do?

You can foul someone whether you or them have the ball. If you make "illegal contact" with another player its a foul.

Is taking step with basketball a personal foul?

No, it is called a 'travel'