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Q: What form of martial arts is like dance?
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Related questions

Are martial arts an artform?

Yes, the martial arts are unlike painting or sculpture, but they are not entirely unlike dance. Originally, the martial arts had less in common with other arts because had so many practical applications; however, modern martial arts are seldom employed in war. They are now much more commonly employed in sport. As sport is so often performed as an entertainment, it is now much more like other performing arts.

An event were athletes fight with gloves?

Boxing, mixed martial art, martial arts like karate

What is a example of a haiku poem about martial arts?

You could do it about Karate? That is kind of like martial arts

Why and how did the orient develop martial arts yet no one else did?

Many areas developed Martial arts. In Europe with the invention of the gun, the martial arts focused on the use of weapons. The unarmed martial arts continued in the form of sports such as wrestling and boxing. The French developed Savant along the seacoast. Much of Asia did not use firearms like muskets until 1800's. This allowed for the martial arts of Asia to survive as true fighting forms

Do girls like martial arts?

Yes, girls and women seek out martial arts training for any reasons, including the original reason for having invented the martial arts: self defense.

Did greek people like martial arts?

They were very fond of martial arts. Wrestling was greatly appreciated and included in the Olympics.

What fighting styles do you have to have to fight like Doc on def jam fight for ny?

Martial arts kickboxing martial arts

What is the best fighting technique?

There is really no such thing as a best discipline/form of martial arts. With martial arts, each form has strengths and weaknesses. It also depends on what type of a learner you are. For example, there are some martial arts forms that get you out on the mat and fighting from the start; they tend to be the types of martial arts forms that are focused on grappling (sort of like wrestling). On the other hand, other martial arts forms will have you practicing for months if not years before you ever spar (Practice fight). It can also be said that some martial arts are easy to pick up, but difficult to master, which others might be extremely difficult at first, but plateau at the end. All in all, I think it's fair to say that you have to go with what appeals to you, and that's where YOU will be most successful. By the way, since you asked, I like Taekwondo for it's power and flexibility.

Does Taylor Lautner like martial arts?

yes in fact at the age of 5 he joined martial arts and finished at age 14

Is Naikan in Japan is basically a form of martial arts?

No, its a way of thinking kind of like a Japanese Buddhist type of Psychology.

Martial Arts or Fencing?

fencing counts as a martial art, just like karate and tkd

What is shaolin martial arts like?

very spiritual..

Why is dance referred to mother of arts?

Most art specialists tend to like to feel that their particular branch is the preeminent form.

Do Chinese people like martial arts?

Chinese people like martial arts as much as Americans. Some really like it and some don't. Just because someone has heard of a famous Chinese person who did martial arts doesn't mean everyone there likes it. I must admit many men do but women don't participate.

Is Vovinam pure Vietnamese martial arts?

Vovinam is a Vietnamese martial art. Like most martial arts, it is a blend of techniques. I believe there are aspects of Hapkido and Karate, as well as kung fu in the background of Vovinam.

If is it possible to be good at martial arts if you didnt start young?

Yes, my cousin started when he was 18 in Kempo. (A form of martial arts, not to be confused with one where you fight with swords, kendo). Most definitely! I have a very good teacher who, like myself, did not start until he was 42.

What kind of sport is martel arts?

Martial Arts is genre like rugby league, soccer etc.

Where do you get karate shoes?

Karate is practiced in bare feet, shoes are not worn. There are martial arts shoes that are designed for people that like to do martial arts and there are some, such as kung fu, where shoes are worn.

How do you fight like Bruce Lee?

Take a martial arts class.

What does randori mean?

Randori means "taking chaos" in japanease but in England and other countries like America it is a form of karate MMA (mixed Martial Arts).

What is the form of martial arts which begins with three fingers on each hand extended into claw-like hooks?

You are probably referring to Eagle style Kung Fu.

What is the best martial arts studio for families?

Most likely Taekwondo or Karate, these martial arts have many families involved and most studios of these take both children and adults as students, compared to martial art styles like BJJ that may not.

What are some types of martial arts equipment that are necessary for complete martial arts training?

The equipments for getting complete martial arts training depend upon the type of martial art you intend to master. The typical equipments are Samurai sowards, Nanchakus , Plain Escrima Sticks and Karate equipments. This is a complex question that mainly depends on what form of martial arts you intend to train in. For a striking art such as Muay Thai, a suitable punching bag, striking pads, and sparring equipment will be needed. For a grappling based art, investments should be made in things like judo mats so that throws can be done safely. Mixed Martial Arts use all of of this equipment as they train in every aspect of combat; striking, throws, and grappling.

What sport does Katsuma like on Moshi Monsters?

Moshi Monsters Katsumas like martial arts!

Why do people take martial arts?

They take the arts because of two reasons, one is because it seems like something really exotic and interesting. The other reason is that in the world we live in one can never be "too" equipped to handle themselves in an attack situation. Martial arts is a much more complex version of fighting, it isn't just about punching and kicking, there is much more. The purpose of martial arts is to create a better citizen.