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Q: What football team uses marine mammals?
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What professional football team uses the colors Orange and Purple?

the saints

What NCAA football team uses their half back the most?


How do you delete an NFL fantasy football team?

It depends on the website that your league uses.

What college has uses the Rebels as the mascot?

A university/college that uses the Rebel as the mascot is the University of Mississippi. The name of the sport team that uses Rebel as the mascot is the Ole Miss Rebels football team.

Can you wear a visor in youth football?

yes you can, infact my someone on my team uses one

What sport teams uses the fleur de lis?

The NFL football team the New Orleans Saints

What is the name of Harvard's football team?

The Harvard Football team's nickname is the Crimson, as in the dark red crimson color. This is similar to the Stanford Cardinal, which also uses a color as their team name. Also similar to Stanford, which uses a pine tree as its mascot, the Harvard Crimson's mascot is a pilgrim/patriot-looking character.

What sport uses fartlek training?

mostly team sports :) football Rugby cross country (individual) Athletics etc.

What sport uses a pig skin?

Football is a sport that uses a pigskin.

Colors of Harvard law school?

Crimson is the official color. The football team often uses white to compliment the crimson.

What are the uses of a national marine park?

The public

What brand football does the NCAA use?

Each team uses their own footballs. The brand that sponsors the team usually is the brand of footballs used, if that brand makes footballs. (Most popular is Nike or the G5)

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