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T.j. Houshmanadeh

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Q: What football player got a GED and went to the NFL?
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What University of Tennessee football player was a walk-on and later went on to play in the NFL?


Was Phil biel the best football player in leoti kansas football history?

Nowhere close. Steve Tasker was a much better player and he went on to the NFL.

How many football players from South Panola went to the NFL?

One player, Perria Jerry of the Atlanta Falcons.

What is a NFL player?

A professional football player

Who was first female nfl player?

There has yet to be a female NFL football player.

Who gets more money between an NFL football player or a Europe soccer player?

i think nfl football players

Which NFL player went by the nickname He Hate you?

I forget his name but it was on that NBC crap fest football XFL not NFL. ------ He Hate Me was Rod Smart who played five years in the NFL with the Eagles and Panthers.

Did the NFL ever stop the clock after first downs?

No, that rule has been in college football for a long time but has never been adopted by the NFL.

What high school did NFL football player Jimmy Allen go to?

He went to Los Angeles High School, class of 1970. Not only did he excel in football there, but also swimming.

Can you play arena football with no GED?

No you wouldn't be able too because you have to get drafted to play in the nfl

Who is Adrian Peterson?

a nfl football player

What is Tom Bradys occupations?

Professional football player